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In 10 ABY, during the offensive that preceded Operation Shadow Hand, the Galactic Empire conquered the planet Metellos before moving on to Coruscant.

The battleEdit

As part of the Galactic Empire's renewed offensive in 10 ABY leading up to Operation Shadow Hand, Admiral Sander Delvardus led one of three massive Imperial fleets out of the Deep Core.[1][2] While the other two fleets attacked Corellia and Giju, Delvardus conquered Kaikielius and Alsakan in quick succession, and moved[1] to the energy-producing world of Metellos. Annihilating the New Republic fleet launched to stop him,[2] Delvardus initiated an intense orbital bombardment, resulting in over five billion civilian casualties.[3]

But as the New Republic launched a second fleet to stop Delvardus, they were caught by surprise when an additional two fleets sent by the Imperial Ruling Council from the Outer Rim Territories arrived at Coruscant, while a third launched attacks in the Borderland Regions. The New Republic was forced to retreat along the Perlemian Trade Route, leaving Coruscant to the Empire.[2]


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