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"You're listening to the Grand Army of the Republic broadcast, the voice of the Outer Rim. This next one goes out to the Mud-Jumpers of the 224th, slugging it out on Mimban. Keep your heads down and your seals tight, boys."
―A GAR broadcast — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

The Battle of Mimban was a battle in which the Mud Jumpers of 224th Division and clone troopers of the 501st Legion fought on Mimban during the Clone Wars, a conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems.[3]

The BattleEdit

The 501st Legion and the 224th Division's Mud Jumpers under Jedi General Laan Tik fought on Mimban.[3] In addition the Republic trained and assisted the Mimbanese Liberation Army in repelling the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Droid Army.[5] In addition to the clone trooper units,[3] Representative[6] Jar Jar Binks was sent to interact with the Mimbanese. During the fight, General Tik was killed and the clones were forced to fall back. Representative Binks was left in command.[3]

At the Republic camp, Captain CT-7567 "Rex" learned that the droid's deflector shield generator was three klicks away. Rex decided to contacted command, mark the L.Z. and have a exfil shuttle sent to pull his men out. However, Rex decided to take out the shield generator by himself. One of his troopers and Binks followed him. Rex then fought several battle droids, but was shot. Binks, using General Tik's lightsaber, was able to save Rex. Rex took the lightsaber away from Binks for his safety and continued on his own to destroy the deflector shield generator. The two pushed forward, and Rex had handed Binks his DC-15 blaster rifle.[3]

While in combat on Mimban, the 224th's mud jumpers were given a song by a Hologram VJ of the Grand Army of the Republic's broadcast.[2]


Despite the Republic's promise for their freedom, the Mimbanese were denied this when the Republic was re-organized into the Galactic Empire. The 224th's swamp troopers fought their former allies for the next 12 years.[5] Lieutenant Bolandin told his fellow officers and men that their mission was install a regime loyal to the Emperor.[7]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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