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A battle at the planet Mrisst occurred between Rogue Squadron and forces loyal to Warlord Zsinj, in response to Zsinj's scouting of the New Republic base at Borleias.

Smuggler Mirax Terrik reported that Zsinj's scout ship, the Dwarf Star-class freighter Vengeance Derra IV, had been sighted at Mrisst, and two flights from Rogue Squadron, under the command of Captain Aril Nunb, were sent to investigate. They found the Vengeance Derra IV in orbit, docking with the medium transport Contruum's Pride. Contruum native Pash Cracken realized that the freighter was not actually from his home planet, because it did not follow Contruum naming conventions. The Zsinj ships detected the incoming T-65 X-wing starfighters, and launched a dozen TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/IN interceptor. The Rogues quickly dispatched the TIEs, and crippled the Vengeance Derra IV with proton torpedoes. The Contruum's Pride surrendered and caught the other freighter with its tractor beam, preventing it from crashing into Mrisst. Both freighters were then taken in custody by the New Republic.



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