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"Enough! I've tried playing nice but if you want to play destruction... Destruction it is !!"
Captain Loka Hask[src]

The Battle of Mrlsst occurred when Imperial forces attacked Mrlsst in 4 ABY to recover the Phantom Project and were repulsed by Rogue Squadron.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"The Phantom Project was just that, a phantom. It didn't exist."
Wedge Antilles[src]

After the Battle of Endor, the new president of the Mrlsst Academy, Gyr Keela, decided to put the Phantom Project, a new cloaking device technology, up for bids to the New Republic and the Empire. The Phantom Project was in fact a con created by his predecessor, Rorax Falken, to racketeer the Empire. Aware of the truth, Captain Wedge Antilles was sent to Mrlsst with Rogue Squadron in order to represent the New Republic and reinforce the illusion. Capain Loka Hask, who was responsible for the deaths of Wedge Antilles's parents, arrived to Mrlsst with the Star Destroyer Dominator as the negotiating representative of the Empire to acquire the technology.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Loka Hask: "You say it's a pocket Death Star we have here?!"
Gade Yedan: "Yes. It's terrible..."
Hask: "It's wonderful! Why are those lights blinking?"
Yedan: "What lights? Oh, no!"
―Captain Loka Hask and Gade Yedan, seconds before their death[src]

Rogue Squadron escape stormtroopers.

Hostilities began when activists of the Ante-Endor Association killed some students of the academy in trying to steal datacards about the project. They left proofs compromising Tycho Celchu that forced Gyr Keela to place Antilles under arrest. Hask's stormtroopers later tried to arrest the other Rogues who managed to escape with the help of Koyi Komad. Antilles was eventually freed by a holographic image of Jedi Knight Taj Junak controlled by Rorax Falken.

Hask, angered by this, launched his TIE and bombarded the Academy grounds of Mrlsst. Rogues X-wings intercepted most Imperial fighters but civilian causalities and damaged to the city were huge. Meanwhile, some other Rogues joined Falken's scientific laboratory on an asteroid orbiting the planet. Under questioning from Nep and Terrik, Falken and his students admitted that the Phantom Project was just a hoax, designed to elicit funding from the Empire.

TIE bombers bombing Mrlsst.

Captain Hask and Imperial forces soon arrived to the station to retrieve the plans. While the stormtroopers fought a holographic ghost Jedi controlled by Falken, Dllr Nep, Mirax Terrik and the students retreated to the hangar and boarded Terrik's Pulsar Skate. Falken and Groznik were killed by Loka Hask. The Pulsar Skate attempted to evade the pursuing TIE fighters but was largely defenseless until the arrival of Rogue Squadron. As the Imperial Star Destroyer closed on the Pulsar Skate, Nep and Terrik activated the gravitic polarization beam, a powerful weapon that created a hyperspace wormhole and destroyed both the lab and the Star Destroyer.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"We known if it's best to never use it! It's an old question: should a soldier not have a weapon which his enemy might have?"
―Wedge Antilles[src]

The destruction of the Dominator.

Wedge Antilles recovered the gravitic polarization beam and decided it was too powerful to be used again. Despite the huge civilian casualties, President Gyr Keela saw those events as a chance to strengthen the unity of the Mrlssi people.

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