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"The success of the mission on Mygeeto was something of a revelation for the men of the 501st. Suddenly, we realized that the Jedi could be fooled. And if they could be fooled, they could be killed."
―Entry from the 501st Journal[10]

The Battle of Mygeeto was one of the longest battles of the Clone Wars, lasting for two years and beginning in 21 BBY. In 19 BBY, it became part of the Galactic Republic's Outer Rim Sieges to secure the planets of the Outer Rim Territories.

The battle[]

Early conflicts (21–19 BBY)[]

"Let's turn this place into a scrap-pile!"
―501st trooper[10]
Mygeeto burns

Mygeeto Burns.

The first conflicts on Mygeeto began in 21 BBY when the Galactic Marines provided a diversion for Walon Vau and Delta Squad when they secured funds from the Vau family vault below the surface of Mygeeto.[3] Conflict went on for two years[4] until Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared Mygeeto part of a "Triad of Evil," three planets which formed Separatist bastions. Along with Felucia and Saleucami, Mygeeto was singled out as a prime target whose fall would help end the conflict.[12]

Mundi's arrival (19 BBY)[]

Republic forces were dispatched to the system and invaded Mygeeto. A light Separatist blockade was easily destroyed and the Republic soon began landing ground forces on the surface. Subsequently, the battle intensified on the planet, which was a major holding of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Two major units participated in the battle, with a majority of the fierce combat falling upon the Galactic Marines. The unit fought the Separatist Droid Army in extended urban fighting amid the ultramodern towers of a major Mygeetan city. A second unit of the Grand Army involved in the battle were elements of the 501st Legion, who were sent on a special mission from the Chancellor himself.

The 501st, according to Mundi, were dispatched to Mygeeto to destroy an energy collector which powered Separatist facilities in the area. However the true intent of the mission was to secure the Separatist power generator, and to acquire the ancient Mygeetan crystal powering it. The crystal was an experimental power source that the Chancellor required for a top-secret tributary laser-stream project codenamed "Hammertong."


Clone troopers of the 501st Legion advancing across the southern bridge.

After the Republic landed, the Galactic Marines began pounding the Mygeetan landscape with torpedo bombardments and fuel fires. The 501st were deployed at the southern section of a small city. Only one gunship could land, due to dual particle cannon turrets. Other gunships provided aerial support. An AT-RT was deployed and the 501st assaulted the southernmost bridge. The troopers took the bridge and captured the Confederacy's forward command post. Then the two particle cannon turrets were destroyed, allowing General Mundi to land.

However, things grew complicated when one of Ki-Adi-Mundi's fellow Jedi, Rivi-Anu, ended up shot in the arm and lost her lightsaber when ordered to secure the west flank. In addition, one of the Republic's Venator-class Star Destroyers was shot down over Mygeeto and headed towards the battlefield, placing several Republic forces in jeopardy. Anu instead decided to use the Force to hold off the doomed Star Destroyer long enough for Mundi and the rest of the Republic's forces to evacuate the area, sacrificing her life in the process. Mundi and Eon later reflected on her sacrifice.[14]

Mundi destroyed two shield barricades to allow the 501st troopers to advance. An outpost was captured and additional troopers were landed. Heavy Separatist resistance came from AAT tanks. Also more AA guns were positioned at the north end of the central platform. The 501st, led by General Mundi, pushed the Confederacy battle droids' line across the northern bridge to the building housing the energy collector. Ki-Adi-Mundi disabled shield barricades covering the entrances to the building. Destroyer droids in the compound proved to be a minor problem, and the energy collector core was destroyed. After Mundi had been extracted, the 501st retrieved the crystal samples. The troopers fought through a Separatist counter assault to the southern platform, and extracted the crystals via gunship.[10]

The battle went on for the Galactic Marines. During a concentrated Republic push to rout the Separatists, fighting spread across the cities of Mygeeto. Ki-Adi-Mundi skillfully used his lightsaber to deflect enemy fire, while leading a force of Marines supported by UT-AT assault vehicles and other heavy walkers. Tri-droids provided heavy fire for the Separatist army during the fighting and destroyed several UT-ATs.[2]

The battle intensified on a number of vast bridges, which stretched across a great chasm, linking several city districts. The clones continued to advance across the bridges. It was here that Ki-Adi-Mundi would fight his last battle.[2]

Order 66[]

"Come on!"
―Ki-Adi-Mundi's last words[2]

Ki-Adi-Mundi, leading his troops, only moments before his death.

When General Grievous was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine issued the Declaration of a New Order, General Mundi was still on Mygeeto, commanding Republic forces. As General Mundi rallied his troops on a bridge spanning a chasm between two city blocks, with enemy droids destroying several UT-ATs, Commander Bacara was contacted through a secure, holographic comlink that was frequency-locked to a channel reserved for the Commander-in-Chief. The hologram was of a hooded and severely disfigured Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, ordering him that it was time to execute Order 66.[2]

Bacara complied and moments later, on his order, the clones nearest General Mundi suddenly stopped fighting. Confused, Ki-Adi-Mundi turned around and was blasted by clone fire. The surprised Jedi Master managed to kill three Marines by deflecting their fire, but their onslaught of blaster bolts overwhelmed and killed him.[2]


After Mundi's death, the newly established Galactic Empire would go on to conquer the planet, claiming it on behalf of Palpatine, who had now taken on the title of Emperor. The Imperial war-machine would keep strict control in the turbulent times following the wars, they extensively strip-mined the planet for a mineral known as durasteel, used in the construction of starship hulls.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

In To the Vanishing Point, the battle in which Rivi-Anu perished was supposed to have taken place on a different world from Mygeeto. However, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia's authors established in Rivi-Anu's entry that the events of the story took place on Mygeeto.


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