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This article is about the Battle of Mygeeto during the Galactic Civil War. You may be looking for the Battle of Mygeeto.

The Battle of Mygeeto was a battle during the Galactic Civil War.

Background[edit | edit source]

After a massive Rebel uprising on the planet Mygeeto, a fleet of Imperial warships, personally commanded by Darth Vader, prepared to re-capture the world.[2]

The battle[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Ace is briefed by Admiral Piett.

The battle itself was split into three sections. The first phase began with the deployment of multiple TIE fighters squadrons to perform reconnaissance runs and combat incoming Rebel X-wings.[2]

The second phase moved the aerial battle into the Mygeeto asteroid field, where Rebel scouts had been discovered. The Rebels conducted a counter-offensive, which saw a climatic battle between the main Imperial fleet and the remnant Rebel fleet.[2]

After hours of ship-to-ship fighting, the Empire emerged victorious, which allowed a clear attack run and ground assault on the planet. The Imperial fleet's TIE Bombers proceeded to bombard strategically important targets, including ion cannons, shield generators and the main spaceport. Meanwhile, Lord Vader led an assault with AT-ST units, which led to Mygeeto's quick re-capture.[2]

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