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"Wipe them out. All of them."
―Darth Sidious[5]

The Battle of Naboo,[18] also known by names such as the Battle of the Great Grass Plains[19] and the Assault on Theed,[20] was the final conflict of the Invasion of Naboo that occurred in 32 BBY. Queen Padmé Amidala of the Naboo formulated the plan to end the invasion, enlisting the help of the Gungan Grand Army to stage a diversion while the Queen battled to retake the planet's capitol and capture the Trade Federation's Viceroy, Nute Gunray. As the Gungans engaged the Trade Federation Droid Army on the Great Grass Plains, Amidala's strike force infiltrated the capital city of Theed, and also freed the pilots of Bravo Flight to engage the Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa in orbit, which controlled the Trade Federation's droid army. The battle came to an end when the young boy Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Control Ship, disabling the Federation's forces, and Amidala captured Viceroy Gunray in Theed.


"The Federation Army's also much larger than we thought, and much stronger. Your Highness, this is a battle I do not think that we can win."
―Captain Panaka to Queen Padmé Amidala — (audio) Listen (file info)[5]

In 32 BBY, the intergalactic corporation known as the Trade Federation was forced into the invasion of the planet Naboo by its hidden master, Darth Sidious.[4] Over the course of the engagement, the Federation failed to capture the planet's Queen, Padmé Amidala, despite the assistance of the Sith Lord Darth Maul. She fled to Coruscant to plead her case to the Galactic Senate,[5] and the Federation lost support for the blockade.

Deciding to take action herself, she returned to Naboo and, with the aid of the exiled Gungan Jar Jar Binks, the Queen went to the Gungan Sacred Place to convince Boss Rugor Nass, leader of the Gungans, to align with the Human population of Naboo. The Trade Federation had driven the Gungans to their sacred place after invading their homes and destroying the city Otoh Gunga. Amidala humbled herself before the Gungans (while also revealing herself to have been Padmé Naberrie, who had initially been believed to just be a handmaiden, to the others shock), and Nass pledged his support to her, forging a historic pact and ending years of enmity between the Naboo and the Gungans. Once the remainder of the Royal Naboo Security Forces had been summoned to their hiding place, the Queen, head of security Captain Quarsh Panaka, and Nass devised a plan to retake Naboo.[5] This plan replaced the ones the Gungans were making in retribution for the loss of their home.[16] By the time Amidala returned to the planet, only the Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa was left in orbit.[5]

During the planning session, Nass made Binks a Bombad General for the upcoming battle, largely because of the latter's role in uniting the Gungans and Naboo against their common foe (much to the latter's horror). The Gungan Grand Army was to lure out the main bulk of the Federation's Droid Army onto the Great Grass Plains for the head-to-head assault, allowing Amidala and her strike force, along with the two Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, to attack capital city of Theed and liberate the main hangar. Naboo pilots would then attack the Droid Control Ship, deactivating the Federation Army, and allowing Amidala to capture Viceroy Nute Gunray, thus re-gaining control of the planet.[5] Amidala specifically chose capturing Gunray as an important objective towards ending Trade Federation control over Naboo due to knowing that the Neimoidian culture, and by extension, the Trade Federation, held the Viceroy as having absolute power, due to the Neimoidians being unable to think for themselves due to operating under a hive mind, and as such could not continue fighting if the Viceroy were indisposed.[9] In advance of their entry, Captain Quarsh Panaka ordered the resistance to secretly infiltrate the hangar and prepare their fighters for battle, as well as program the battle flight-path coordinates.[19]

A ready force of Naboo soldiers, supplemented by the two Jedi, Panaka, Amidala, the Handmaiden Sabé, astromech droid R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker, and Mett Habble;[10] as well as students from the Royal House of Learning who were aboard the Crescent; Dané, Galak, Arani Korden, Rorworr, Deel Surool, and Sia-Lan Wezz,[21] used a captured Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport, Transport 714, to approach Theed without being detected by Trade Federation forces. The group navigated the transport to the entrance of a secret passage at the base of Theed's cliff face. The ready force disembarked, while the students remained behind to guard the transport for use as a rendezvous point in case of retreat.[10]

Nass, however, was actually without an organized army. Half an hour after the ready ready force had departed,[10] he took what troops he had and destroyed a Federation monument that had been erected in the city of Spinnaker. In its place, he had a temporary Gungan monument built, which he would use to rally and summon all of the militiagungs that had been in hiding around the town;[1] additionally, militagungs from every Naboo city joined the growing army, leaving only a few to guard the towns.[16] With his army in place, all he needed was the weapons with which to equip his army. During the Naboo Swamp Battle, droid Commander OOM-9 had captured the Gungans' fambaas, which were their beasts of war. Nass attacked the city of Harte Secur, where the fambaas were being held, and rescued them from captivity at Camp Six. With all of the pieces in place, he moved the Grand Army out of the swamps and onto the Great Grass Plains.[1] The Federation, meanwhile, had sent three divisions to engage the Gungans. Army A was the main force and moved to engage the Grand Army head-on[22] while droid commander PDA-2 led the remaining droid army contingent in Theed.[10] Army B's approach was halted thanks to the efforts of the pirate Nym in his Havoc,[2] and likewise, Army C's efforts were halted by Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes of the Royal Security Forces.[3]

The battle droid commander PDA-2 assumed control of the Trade Federations rearguard forces that remained to secure Theed. PDA-2 identified Transport 714, and, believing the vessel was damaged overrode the vehicle's controls. PDA-2 directed Transport 714 to the repair bay within Theed Hangar. The unit assigned to guard the transport notified Panaka of the change in their location, and within twenty-five minutes the transport was docked below the hangar. The unit ambushed the forces of ADO-8, a command battle droid guarding the repair bay.[10]

Meanwhile, the infiltrating forces followed the secret passage through the Catacombs of Theed,[23] before emerging outside of a boathouse near the Solleu River's largest waterfall, Virdugo Plunge,[24] allowing the Queen and company to enter Theed and attempt to capture the Viceroy, Nute Gunray.[5] Captain Panaka issued a synchronized signal over his comlink when the Queen's party began its assault.[10]

The Battle[]

Battle of the Great Grass Plains[]

"Ouch time."
―Captain Tarpals[5]

The Gungan Grand Army proceeded to move out of its hiding place in the Swamps; they had licked the wounds of the Naboo Swamp Battle and were ready to take back what was theirs. The Federation's actions during the previous battle reflected little more than a massacre. Many civilians were killed during the evacuation of Otoh Gunga, leaving many militiagungs without a family, and without a home.[1] General Ceel planned on taking position along Shaak Ridge, where the Gungan energy catapults could hold off the Droid Army.[16]

The Grand Army had moved into their position by midday, taking up much of the level part of the Great Grass Plains 40 kilometers south of Theed, where Captain Roos Tarpals ordered the activation of their shield generators, set upon the backs of the fambaas. The army was encased in an enormous dome approximately one kilometer wide, impervious to any bombardment. They were still close enough to the swamps to allow a retreat if it came to that. The Grand Army had formed command units, each led by a General.[19] OOM-9's forces, freshly away from Theed, had arrived before Ceel along Shaak Ridge, forcing the Gungans to forgo the tactically superior high ground. Remaining in the valley reduced the effectiveness of the Gungan's catapults.[16] The Droid Army descended from the hills into the valley, in a mile-long formation of Armored Assault Tanks escorting Multi-Troop Transports, with Platoon Attack Craft held in reserve. The Droid division settled into position, facing the massive Grand Army. OOM-9 commenced a preliminary bombardment, firing on the Gungans' shields, with his AATs, to little effect.[5]


B1 battle droids engage the Gungan Grand Army

After a while, OOM-9, atop his enhanced personal tank, ordered the other AATs to hold fire; the order took 0.396 seconds to circulate to the regiment;[12] the Gungans believed the battle to be won. The tanks fell back, and with an order from the Droid Control Ship[5] transmitted via a top-secret frequency,[12] the Federation's MTTs unloaded thousands of battle droids, much to the horror of the Gungans. The B1-Series battle droids slowly marched in units of 56 droids through the Gungan shield and commenced fire on the unprotected militiagungs. The Gungans, led by General Ceel and Bombad General Binks, fought with personal shields, catapults, boomas, and cestas; the Grand Army clobbered dozens of battle droids. The Gungan energy catapults launched large plasma boomas at the droid ranks, but they could not halt the persistent droid march. A squad of P-series destroyer droids rolled onto the bloodied battleground, further increasing Gungan casualties as the MTTs moved in to trap the Grand Army.[5] At some point, a battle droid, having been severed from the waist, flew onto General Binks, eventually getting him off and he started stomping and kicking it, eventually accidentally getting his foot entangled with the severed wiring. This setback eventually came with an advantage where he took down some droids, including one destroyer droid, due to the wiring causing the droid to fire his blaster when he makes movement with the entangled foot.[5]

Ultimately, the shield generator was destroyed by concentrated droid fire, deactivating the protective dome.[25] OOM-9 immediately called upon all AATs, battle droids, Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, to advance. Tank shells now ripped unobstructed into the Gungan lines, tearing up the previously untouched Great Grass Plains. While the Gungan catapults had a large area of effect, they had a slow firing rate, and they were nearly useless when in motion,[5] and Gungan ranks fell to the mechanized Trade Federation Army; the two armies engaged each other at close range among several ruins and mounted laser cannons.[25]

Approximately 50 minutes into the battle, Gungan command units broke up under the assault while individual Gungans carried out desperate counterattacks against the droids and tanks.[19] General Ceel shortly ordered a retreat, and the Gungan Grand Army turned back toward the swamps. In the confusion, Binks, running on foot since his kaadu had been lost, jumped onto a cache of boomas carried by falumpaset. The weight of the Gungan opened the door and released the large boomas; one impacted with an AAT, destroying it while others disabled destroyer droids. An explosion then sent the harried Binks flying onto a tank. Tarpals drew up alongside on his kaadu and threw a booma at him to aid Binks, as Binks lacked a booma to take down the tank. However, Binks clumsily deflected it onto the tank's pilot, causing the vehicle to crash.[5]


B1 units round up the Gungan army

In the end, both Gungan officers were captured by a battle droid squad[5] which included 3B3-888,[12] their army defeated, Binks surrendering easily to Tarpals dismay. General Ceel was also captured.[5] Kaadu units rescued the Gungan wounded while other Gungans stood against the droids to cover the retreat, managing to destroy several more AATs in the process. With the battle turning in their favor, the battle droids set about gathering the captured Gungans into groups while Federation PK droids picked up scattered weapons.[19] OOM-9 had planned on flanking the retreating the Grand Army to prevent escape, but this plan was thwarted by the destruction of the other two Droid Army divisions. By the end of the battle, 543 Gungans lay dead, although over half of the Grand Army escaped back into the swamps.[16]

Assault on Theed[]

Battle through the streets[]

"This is Lt. Sykes. All diversion forces head toward the nearest canal crossing. We'll form into teams on the other side. You have permission to blast any droid you spot."
―Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes leading resistance forces[3]
This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.
Retake Theed 1

Naboo Royal Security Forces storm into the hangar.

After infiltrating the city, the two Jedi[26] were walking along the deserted streets of Theed when they were attacked by an overzealous battle droid on a Single Trooper Aerial Platform. They reflected its laser bolts back at it, destroying the droid and causing the Platform to crash, intact. The two Jedi decided to ride it, and another one they found,[27] through the streets of Theed, destroying numerous battle droids and destroyer droids before diverting onto an aqueduct and blasting through the battle droid defenders. Several gates blocked parts of the aqueduct, forcing the Jedi to destroy the gates. The two Jedi eventually dismounted at the cliffs overlooking the waterfall.[13]

They then proceeded to Force Jump down the cliffs until reaching a balcony, then jumped back up the other side. At the top, six Naboo pilots were being held in separate rooms, guarded by three droids each. Each droid trio was a separate type of droid—OOM security battle droids, B1 grapple droids, Flame battle droids, Grapple droidekas, destroyer droids, and B1 battle droids armed with missile launchers. The Jedi rescued five of the pilots before proceeding.[13]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, freshly returned from the battle near the south ridge, led the diversionary Gian speeders and Flash speeders into Theed across the canal. As Sykes and his wingmate Kol Kotha drove through the Theed streets, they used their Gian speeders' laser cannons to blast the droids in their way. An AAT sat at one end of a street directly facing Sykes' approach, but the Naboo pilot destroyed it as he drove forward, before destroying another one off to the side. Two Ostracoda-class gunboats were patrolling Theed on the river. Sykes destroyed them when he encountered them, along with two more AATs on the sides of the river. As Sykes continued his way through Theed, he received a transmission from Palmer, another Naboo pilot. She was leading Group 2 and her three-member Flash speeder squad had become pinned down in a plaza. Sykes acknowledged her message and went to rescue the group. He blasted through several barriers in his way, along with more droids before emerging into the plaza with Kotha and destroyed the two AATs and the two destroyer droids attacking Palmer.[3]

Sykes and Group 2 then continued on toward their objective, the Theed Courthouse, where they planned on meeting with Group 3 and several commandos. Along the way they destroyed two more tanks. When Sykes asked for an update, a member of Group 3 reported they were running behind, so Sykes ordered them to catch up. As Sykes and the other pilots destroyed the droids guarding the courthouse, Group 3 caught up to them. Sykes escorted the transport speeder to its objective, an armored gate blocking their way to the Theed Hangar. Sykes blasted the droid defenders while the commandos disembarked, placed charges on the door, and escaped the blast. Sykes then drove through the ruined gate and met up with Panaka. Panaka ordered him to advance slowly under the archway to a certain point, then ordered Sykes to fire on an AAT.[3] He destroyed the tank with his opening shot, and the blast alerted the nearby Federation forces to the presence of the Naboo.[5] His diversion complete, Sykes dismounted from his craft.[3]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Obi-Wan. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Around this time,[28] Kenobi was contacted by Asha, a palace servant and resistance leader. Their pilots were prevented from taking off by a Federation turbolaser cannon south of the hangar, and Kenobi was asked to help destroy the cannon. As Kenobi moved through Theed, he met one of the resistance fighters, who informed the Jedi that the Droid Army was hunting down Resistance members. Kenobi set off through the streets and disabled a force field in his way. He rescued three Naboo hostages from the droids; as he continued his path to the cannon, a he a firefight erupted between the Resistance and battle droids. Kenobi joined the firefight and destroyed an E4 baron droid before he entered a tunnel.[7]

When he emerged from the tunnel, he met another Resistance fighter, who informed him that they were pinned down by two repeater cannons. Kenobi fought his way through and destroyed the droids manning the cannons. The young Jedi then emerged into a garden outside the palace guarded by a force of battle droids. The Jedi flanked a repeater cannon, destroyed the droid at the controls, then turned the cannon onto other droids. As he moved to engage other droids, he was ambushed by a squad of OOM security droids and a destroyer droid, which he destroyed by taking another repeater cannon. Kenobi then went up the staircase to where the cannon was placed, facing four more destroyer droids. When the threat was gone, he destroyed the two power conduits on its side, causing the cannon to explode. Kenobi then jumped off the balcony and landed in the pool underneath. Asha contacted him again and told him the cannon had been destroyed. He swam off to rejoin the battle.[7]

Before the city erupted in conflict, the students from the Royal House of Learning found themselves outside Theed's Palace Plaza. They were approached by a small detachment from the Queen's party: Sabé, disguised as the Queen; a handmaiden; and two Palace Guards. Sabé requested the students' assistance in creating a diversion that would allow them to enter the Palace. The team engaged an Armored Assault Tank, a single STAP patrol, and a squad of eight battle droids, managing to distract the Trade Federation forces long enough to allow Sabé and her retinue to infiltrate the Palace directly and join up with Amidala.[29] The students escaped the Plaza as Royal Security Forces began engaging the Trade Federation Army throughout Theed.[30]

Sykes' destruction of the AAT surprised Gunray,[5] who had expected the final battle to take place elsewhere. Under cover of the confusion, Amidala led her team into the Theed Royal Palace.[19] The Queen's strike force, including Lieutenant Chamberlyn[12] snuck into the area near the Palace and fought a squad of battle droids. After the droids were eliminated, Kenobi was asked to lead the strike force into the Theed Hangar.[14] As the battle raged in Theed, the strike force entered the hangar, but was slowed down down by battle droids.[5]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (video game). Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Amidala led her group through the nearby streets. They advanced past droid opposition and and crossed the bridge before moving down the next street. On that street, Amidala took control of a heavy repeating cannon and used it to eliminate destroyer droids. She and Panaka then moved down the next two street corners and blasted another destroyer droid.[14] Panaka preceded Amidala down the next street and blasted down the droids. Amidala then rejoined Panaka and flanked the other droids. They met a wounded Naboo guard who told them how to open the security doors.[14] Amidala asked the astromech stationed near the door to open it.[31] Inside the security room, Amidala destroyed the generator. She then rejoined Panaka and the two returned to the security door and passed through the arch. On the other side, Panaka destroyed a force field generator blocking their way with a thermal detonator. They then met more Palace Guards, one of whom warns them about astromech droids which had been reprogrammed by the Trade Federation. Together they defeated the droids, and they infiltrated the Palace.[14]

The Trade Federation discovered the strike force, and sent battle droid reinforcements. A Resistance soldier asked Kenobi to assist them in securing the hangar by destroying the six power cells powering the doors. The soldier individually lowered the shields on the power cells, and Kenobi sliced through each one when its shield was down. The others provided covering fire, and in Jinn's case, lightsaber cover while Kenobi disabled the power cells. They faced two E4 baron droids, regular battle droids, and bomb droids. Droid starfighters in walker mode rose up from below the hangar. During that time, a Naboo squad leader had the back hallway secured.[7]

The Naboo forces cleared out the hangar in short order, but the droids were able to alert the Federation's Command Officer.[19] During the engagement, the Naboo pilots,[5] including Sykes,[3] were able to to take off to attack the Droid Control Ship, although one was shot down by an AAT stationed outside of the hangar. Panaka ordered Red and Blue Groups to regroup, and the strike force moved toward the Palace. Then the doors opened, revealing a mysterious warrior. The two Jedi moved to attack him. After the warrior, a Sith Lord named Darth Maul, appeared, the Queen's strike force split up, with the Jedi confronting Maul, and the remainder deciding to take the longer route to the throne room. They were then pinned down by the Federations reinforcements, a squad of destroyer droids. Anakin Skywalker, taking refuge in a N-1 starfighter at Qui-Gon's request, while trying to find the fighter's trigger, accidentally took off, but destroyed the droids with the craft's far stronger laser blasts. The fighter's auto-pilot then engaged, and took Skywalker into space to join the assault, with Skywalker telling R2-D2 to override the auto-pilot. Skywalker's fighter, while leaving the hangar, also evaded fire from the aforementioned AAT.[5]

The Jedi and Sith, meanwhile, engaged in a duel that waged on into the Theed Generator Complex. Amidala, Panaka, and their security forces left the hangar relatively unscathed through a separate door.[5]

The students, meanwhile, evaded several battle droid patrols and eventually found their way back to the Palace Plaza. A droid starfighter, supplemented by four battle droids, had replaced the previous patrol. The droids were firing at the occupants in the Plaza—four unarmed civilians, a pair of RSF Guards, and an RSF pilot with an R2-series astromech droid. The students intervened, and eventually secured the Plaza. The pilot, severely wounded, claimed that the astromech droid contained vital information, and charged the students with seeing that it found its way to Queen Amidala. One of the wounded Security Guards likewise charged the students with ensuring that a diplomatic pouch found its way to Ambassador Kron of Alderaan.[30]

Retaking the Palace[]

"Now, Viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty."
―Padmé Amidala, to Nute Gunray after capturing the latter[5]
Retake Theed 2

Amidala and her team are surrounded by droidekas.

Returning to the Theed Hangar, the students ambushed the escort of a Neimoidian counterfeiter, Gode Takrab. After capturing and interrogating Takrab, they learned that he had forged a treaty between Naboo and the Trade Federation, as well as doctored a holovid of Queen Amidala endorsing the phony document. The students searched Takrab's shuttle and eventually found the fake agreement[21] hidden within Takrab's protocol droid, TC-11.[10] Viceroy Gunray sent a squad of battle droids led by RK-7 to secure the shuttle for his own escape.[10] The students were nearly overwhelmed, but managed to hold the shuttle and prevent Gunray's retreat until the end of the battle.[21]

Once inside the Palace, Amidala ordered two Palace Guards to secure their escape while she and Panaka secured the Viceroy.[32]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (video game). Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Advancing forward, she rescued another Palace Guard, who informed the Queen that he was on his way to be interrogated, and that they had hidden the pass keys. Amidala entered one of the nearby room and rescued a group of Naboo prisoners led by Cyrus. Cyrus gave her the white key, which she used to pass into the next corridor.[14]

The corridor held two destroyer droids and a heavy repeating cannon, but the Queen managed to fight them using a proton missile launcher she acquired from a hidden room guarded by battle droids. Moving into the next corridor, Amidala opened a door, and she and Panaka eliminated the two destroyer droids guarding the blue pass key. Amidala then used the blue key to open the door to the next part of the Palace. The two defeated the battle droid stationed there, allowing Amidala to push a box on the bottom floor of the walkway to a gap, then push a box from the upper level onto it. She climbed on top of the boxes and retrieved the red pass key, which unlocked the door at the top of the stairs leading to the heavily guarded throne room.[33]

The Queen's battle continued further into the Royal Palace, traveling through the ceremonial halls before she was stopped by a contingent of battle droids. She split up with her handmaiden, Sabé, who led a second squad of Naboo soldiers through the palace corridors. Amidala, Panaka, and other soldiers escaped through the window to the outside of the palace, and used their ascension guns to rise to the throne-room level.[5]

Amidala's own group tried to break through to the throne room which their target, Viceroy Gunray, had taken over. However, a squad of destroyer droids surrounded Amidala's soldiers and forced their surrender. Amidala ordered Panaka and the others to throw down their weapons.[9] Just before being led away, Amidala sent a distress signal to the second squad led by Sabé.[19] The destroyer and battle droids, including 3B3-21,[12] brought the Queen's squad to the throne room, then left the area, leaving only around a dozen battle droids to accompany them into the room, where Gunray and Rune Haako waited.[5]

Retake Theed 3

Panaka eliminates the last droid opposition in the throne room.

After being led to the throne room as captured enemies, the Queen and her protectors were not to be prisoners for long. Sabé and her team, responding to Amidala's signal, suddenly appeared and fooled Viceroy Gunray into thinking Sabé was the Queen.[19] The battle droids were distracted just long enough for Amidala to unlock a secret compartment in the throne full of blasters and throw them to her fellow freedom fighters.[5] The confused battle droids were quickly shot down and the doors to the throne room jammed, locking in the Viceroy and Haako with Queen Amidala. Two of the most prominent leaders of the Trade Federation were now in custody. Theed had been taken back from Federation control.[5]

Duel in Theed[]

"I hope you are more challenging than your master. I'm somewhat disappointed in him."
―Darth Maul to Obi-Wan Kenobi after the former fatally injures Qui-Gon Jinn[7]

Darth Maul duels Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Meanwhile, Darth Maul engaged Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in a furious lightsaber duel, eventually using the Force to throw some Battle Droid remains at a lock to open up the Theed Generator Complex. The trio fought through a pair of blast doors connecting the hangar to the Theed Generator Complex. On a catwalk across the Complex, the duel raged for a long time, Maul being a more formidable opponent than either Jedi had ever faced before; wielding his double-bladed lightsaber with vicious efficiency. Despite Maul's seeming dominance on the battlefield, however, he continually gave ground over the entire battle, leading the two Jedi into a labyrinth of catwalks. Maul then leapt up to a higher level, with the Jedi following. Maul split the two Jedi apart after Kenobi was forced back over the ledge.[5] When trying to return to the battle, Kenobi fell through the catwalk down to the next level.[14]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (video game). Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Kenobi took the elevator back up to the rings, then jumped to the next ring after dispatching a battle droid. Kenobi Force-jumped to the next ring, and took the ramp down to another area. Two droids waited for him in the corridor, but the Jedi dispatched them. Kenobi then hit the switch to open the panel to the next chamber. Advancing along the catwalk, he turned on the lights in the chamber. Further down the catwalk, he used the controls to disable the energy barriers in the chamber. He then extended the bridge part way from his side, then used the Force to push the opposite bridge control. He then Force jumped across the gap to the next catwalk. He then was able to continue back to the main chamber where Jinn and Maul were continuing their fight.[14]

Qui-Gon vs Maul

Qui-Gon dueling Maul alone.

Kenobi then took one of the elevators down to the next level, and Force jumped to the next ring. He went around that ring and Force jumped to the next one, after dispatching the droid guard. He took the elevator back up to the next level and Force-pushed a droid off the ring, allowing him to enter another room. He then descended to the lower level of that room, and went into the next one, which featured a laser maze. Kenobi returned to the first part of the room, where he went back up to the top level. Once there, he jumped across to the other side and hit the control panel there. Jumping back, he moved the box out of the hidden grating and pushed it onto the elevator so he could bring it down a level and push it into the room with the laser gates. He jumped onto the box and went into the control area for the laser gates, where he was able to manipulate the controls to form an opening. He then jumped down onto the box and went through the laser gates. He rode the elevator back up and re-entered the main chamber.[14]

Kenobi Force-jumped to an elevator and descended one level and crossed the walkway there. He then boarded another elevator to go up a level, then crossed the walkway to a position where he could jump back to the main catwalk and follow the other two combatants.[33]


Qui-Gon being impaled by Maul's lightsaber.

Jinn advanced on the Sith, backing him down along the central catwalk toward a hall of laser gates. Just as Obi-Wan reached the hall's entrance the laser gates cycled back on bringing the duel to a short pause. Waiting for the gates to deactivate again Qui-Gon meditated while Maul paced in his confined space. As soon as the laser gates cycled off, Qui-Gon and Maul resumed their fight with Obi-Wan sprinting to backup his master. Kenobi did not catch up before the barriers closed again,[5] responding to intermittent power outputs.[19] This left Qui-Gon to duel alone with Maul. Qui-Gon could not keep up with the Sith Lord's youth; this was coupled with the restriction of the narrow catwalk around the melting pit, which kept Qui-Gon from using his Ataru style to its full capacity. Eventually, Maul slammed the wide handle of his lightsaber into Qui-Gon's face, stunning the Jedi Master, and the merciless Sith Lord quickly took the moment to stab Qui-Gon in the stomach, while Obi-Wan could only watch in horror.[5] Darth Maul then taunted Kenobi. The laser fields soon switched off, and Obi-Wan ran through to avenge his master's fatal blow.[7]

Kenobi Maul clash

Obi-Wan and Maul dueling near the pit with Qui-Gon's fallen form behind them.

Overcome with hatred, Obi-Wan lashed out at Maul. He succeeded in slicing the Sith Lord's double-bladed lightsaber hilt in half, leaving Maul with only one blade. However, the Sith Lord remained in control and eventually Force-pushed Obi-Wan into the melting pit. The Jedi Padawan clung for his life on a power node and watched as Maul kicked Obi-Wan's fallen lightsaber into the pit.[5]

As the Sith Lord tried to dislodge him with lightsaber strikes on the edge of the pit, whose metal happened to be resistant to the weapon's blade,[17] Obi-Wan was able to relax his nerves and focus on the light side. Maul, when noticing Obi-Wan relaxing himself, briefly expressed some confusion. He Force Jumped himself out of the pit, called his master's lightsaber into his hand, and landed with a single sweeping near-death blow into Darth Maul's torso, causing a look of surprised pain to cross his face. He finished by Force-pushing Maul away.[7] The Sith Lord fell into the melting pit, neatly sliced in two, only barely able to survive.[17] With Maul presumed dead, Obi-Wan then rushed to his master's side overcome with grief at the latter dying. Qui-Gon then reiterated his belief that Skywalker was the prophecized Chosen One that will ultimately bring balance to the Force, and gave as his last request that Obi-Wan is to train the boy to ensure he fulfills that destiny before drawing his last breath. By then, the rest of Naboo had been liberated after the Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship orbiting the planet was destroyed, thereby shutting off control to the droid arm and ending the Invasion of Naboo.[5]

Battle in space[]

"The deflector shield is too strong! We'll never get through it!"
―Olié, after his failed strafing run[5]

Droid starfighters engaged the Naboo fighters around the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship.

Once in orbit over Naboo, the pilots of Bravo Squadron, including Porro Dolphe and Arven Wendik,[5] the latter flying his personal starfighter Bravo 3[12] assaulted the Droid Control battleship, which coordinated all droid forces on the planet. Dineé Ellberger,[5] flying her personal starfighter Bravo 5 also joined the assault. Squadron leader Ric Olié in his starfighter Bravo 1[12] ordered Bravo Flight A to engage the enemy fighters and Bravo Flight B to make a run on the transmitter.[34] Various wings of pilots, including Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes,[3] Rhys Dallows, Bravo Eight, and Bravo Twelve engaged the ship, taking down its first wing of droid fighters.[2] DFS Starfighter Squadron, the squadron of starfighters assigned to protect Trade Federation command ships, featured advanced targeting routines.[12] Dallows led the strikes on the battleship's fourteen Receiver Stations and knocked them all out. The loss of the control signal prevented the battleship from launching additional fighters. Three pilots chased the last droid starfighter and destroyed it. Dallows and other Naboo pilots then realized the ship would be destroyed only if they could enter it through one of the hangars and reach the main reactor. At that point, a mercenary leader, allied with the Federation, appeared and took out one of the Naboo starfighters. Dallows and other pilots engaged him before chasing him inside the ship, flying into the right-hand hangar bay when the hangar shield was lowered to launch another C-9979 landing craft. Dallows made it in after him but the others were cut off when the shield reactivated.[2]

After the first wave of droid starfighters was down, Bravo Squadron moved in close to engage the Control Ship. Olié ordered Wendik to attack the bridge. One of the Naboo pilots[9] and Rya Kirsch in his starfighter Bravo 4[12] were killed during a strafing run by the battleship's quad turbolaser cannons,[5] which used complex recursive algorithms to target enemies,[12] but the Naboo pilots managed to land hits on the Droid Control Ship with their proton torpedoes. The torpedoes were not strong enough to affect the Federation ship.[5] Palmer was captured by the hangar tractor beams and drawn into range of the hangar guns. Her engines were knocked out, and she was sent plummeting down to the planet and her death. One of the Naboo pilots subsequently knocked out a tractor beam generator, then Sykes took out the remaining three.[3] The battleship was able to reroute the control signal and launch additional starfighters to harass the Naboo pilots.[2]


Skywalker's N-1 starfighter under attack by a droid starfighter

As the battle raged in space, down on the planet the young individual Anakin Skywalker accidentally entered the battle when he inadvertently launched his starfighter refuge and took off from the Theed Hangar on autopilot. He asked his astromech droid R2-D2 to disengage the autopilot; Although R2-D2 demanded that Skywalker return to the hangar, Skywalker refused, citing that Qui-Gon had earlier told him to "stay in the cockpit." Skywalker then succeeded in taking down several droid starfighters before having his own starfighter shot down, and he landed in the battleship's left-hand hangar while its shield was down.[5]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Starfighter. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Dallows, meanwhile, was engaging the mercenary leader, chasing him into the depths of the ship, first into the hangar bays and then into the power grid and finally into the last hangar, where Dallows killed the other pilot. Dallows also attacked and destroyed the interior ceiling turrets and Lander Assembly Cranes. He discovered that transports were still being loaded.[2]

Lieutenant Sykes attempted to assist the pilots trapped inside the battleship by destroying key systems, including the shield generators, from the outside. After hearing about Skywalker's stunt, Olié ordered Bravo Squadron to not try to repeat it.[3]

DCS Destruction

The Control Ship explodes.

In the hangar, Skywalker's ship landed on the hangar floor, overheated. He ducked down to avoid discovery as battle droids surrounded his ship and ordered the pilot to come out.[9] While hiding, he also attempted to restart the fighter by fiddling with the controls. After his starfighter rebooted, he then fired his weapons and unintentionally launched a pair of torpedoes into the main reactor when trying to escape and fire on the droids, the recoil from the torpedoes being launched also shaking him slightly. Communications officer Tey How reported the disturbance to Captain Daultay Dofine, who dismissed these reports after claiming that it was impossible for a starfighter to get past the deflector shields.[5] However, the reactor explosion caused by Skywalker managed to create a massive explosion that ripped the ship in half. Shocked over the explosion, Skywalker quickly escaped through the ship's main hangar, also comparing it to podracing.[5] The ship's impending destruction was also detected by the remaining Bravo Squadron pilots, initially baffling them as their strafing runs against the vessel seemed ineffective, until they saw Skywalker's starfighter escaping from one of the docking bays.[5]

The explosion disabled the shields of Rhys Dallows' fighter, but he narrowly escaped by destroying the shield generator inside Hangar 3 and escaping through the entrance to a side hangar.[2]

A puzzled Dofine and crew saw the starfighters retreating from the ship in a fast manner, but failed to realize what was happening when the control computer in front of them malfunctioned and exploded, killing Dofine and the entire crew in an instant; this process deactivated all the battle droids stationed on Naboo and thus marked the end of the Federation's invasion of Naboo. The Bravo Squadron pilots cheered,[5] and Olié congratulated them. Captain Panaka then contacted the squadron and informed them that Naboo was free at last.[3]

Despite a crushing defeat for the Gungans on the Great Grass Plains, events altered dramatically when the Droid Control Ship over the planet was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker, deactivating the droid army, and leaving the Gungan survivors instantly liberated from their recent capture. They watched awestruck as their droid captors, including the battle droid 1138, and enemy vehicles all around them suddenly shut down, realizing that while their own battle had been lost, the battle above them must have been won. They promptly celebrated by tipping over the deactivated droids.[5]


"This is Captain Panaka to Bravo Flight. Great work, group. The Trade Federation Army is out of commission. Naboo is finally free."
―Captain Panaka, to Bravo Squadron[3]

After the battle was over, peace returned to Naboo. Viceroy Gunray was captured and forced to sign a treaty, officially ending the war. The Gungan people and the Naboo united as one world, and a celebration took place in Theed.[5] Reports on the battle suggested that the droid starfighters were sluggish due to an overwhelmed Central Control Computer, which also had to direct a large number of ground forces.[35] During the Clone Wars, Skywalker recounted his story to members of the 501st Legion; the story later served as an inspiration for three clone troopers who, acting against orders, utilized Skywalker's tactics of taking out a ship's reactor from the inside when they blew up a Separatist supply ship during the Battle of Umbara.[36]

Some Gungans saw Bink's actions, which included personally disabling an Armored Assault Tank as courageous, while others knew otherwise.[12] Either way, Boss Nass was none the wiser to the antics of his newly appointed Bombad General.[37] Thanks to the valiant actions of the Gungans, Amidala succeeded in her quest to capture the Viceroy, and control of Naboo was returned to its rightful owners.[5] Following the Gungan-Naboo armistice, Boss Rugor Nass had a Gungan colony created on Ohma-D'un, and he kept relationships with the Naboo friendly.[38] Military historians gave the conflict renown for the opportunity to study a traditional ground battle, which was rarely seen in that peaceful time.[15] The battle was eventually ported into a holopad historical mission by the Trade Federation, to show how the battle would have evolved if the control ship had not been destroyed, which included Darth Maul arriving later in the battle to assist the droid army.[1]

Anakin Obiwan Quigon

Qui-Gon's spirit watches as Obi-Wan and Anakin leave his funeral as master and apprentice.

After the battle, Amidala visited the families of every Gungan and Naboo soldier who had been killed.[39] The students from the Royal House of Learning aided in liberating the Trade Federations remaining prison camps, and cleaning up the deactivated battle droids, when they were reunited with captain Nuun Pargen of the Crescent. They were also honored in a minor ceremony by the Queen.[40] Palpatine had been elected Supreme Chancellor in the meantime, replacing Finis Valorum. The next day, Palpatine, who by that point had just recently been elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, arrived on Naboo with members of the Jedi High Council to oversee the arrest of Gunray and Haako. Before Gunray and Haako were put aboard the vessel to take them away, Amidala made sure to personally tell them that they'll have to explain themselves before the Galactic Senate, with Captain Panaka also implying that the results of the invasion will most likely result in the Trade Federation being shut down. Palpatine then congratulated Kenobi and Skywalker for their role in quelling the invasion, and noted regarding the latter particular interest in his upcoming career path, and also personally thanked Amidala for her bravery before promising that they'll bring peace together. Yoda promoted Kenobi to full Jedi Knight, although he reluctantly assigned him to train Skywalker at Kenobi's request, after the latter made clear that he'll even go as far as to train Skywalker without the Jedi Council's permission should it be necessary to fulfill Qui-Gon's last wish. That evening, Qui-Gon was given a Jedi funeral. During this time, Mace Windu and Yoda, due to knowing about the Sith's adherence to the Rule of Two, speculated on whether the defeated Sith lord had been the Sith Master, or merely the apprentice. The Council members believed that Kenobi had destroyed Darth Maul,[5] but he had survived to go into hiding.[17] During Jinn's funeral, the recently honored students were approached by Sabé, and asked to help end a minor rebellion by a dark-side force-adept.[41] The day after, the Gungans and Naboo celebrated with a parade in Theed, complete with overflights by N-1 starfighters,[5] N-X Police Cruisers, and NB-1S Royal Bombers.[3] After the battle, young Skywalker wrote a journal about his experience with the Jedi.[42] The Security Forces and resistance fighters assembled in the Theed Hangar to see the two off as they left in the Royal Starship.[7]

Even though Nute Gunray and the Trade Federation leadership were caught and arrested for their role in the invasion upon the battle's loss, they nonetheless ended up largely acquitted after four separate trials at the Republic Courts by the time a decade passed, much to the dismay of Naboo. As a result of the expenses Gunray was forced to use up after the events of the battle, he also developed a deep enough grudge against Amidala that when requested to join the Separatists, he specifically requested as a condition for joining that they assassinate the former queen.[43]

Despite what the Jedi and even Darth Sidious were led to believe, Darth Maul did not die on Naboo. Instead he survived through his all-consuming hatred for Obi-Wan Kenobi and managed to escape the planet. Knowing his master would never forgive his failure, Maul fled to the reclusive world of Lotho Minor, where, despite the strength of his rage, the pain he felt from his near-fatal wound drove him to insanity and made him lose his mind. The only thing he remembered was the reason why he had become what he was now: Kenobi. The only person who knew of Darth Maul's survival was Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters due to her possession of a sample of Maul's blood that she had recovered when she had attempted to get him back from Darth Sidious. At the height of the Clone Wars, after having incurred the wrath of Count Dooku, Talzin sent her new servant, Savage Opress, Maul's half-brother, to find him.[6] Sidious would later learn of Maul's survival from two sources during the Clone Wars, one from Skywalker when explaining that he'll have to forsake attending a meeting with the Senate due to joining Kenobi to hunt down a Sith that wasn't Count Dooku,[44] and one from Kenobi in person when debriefing him on the events on the Skirmish on Florrum.[45] Sidious later tracked Maul down to Mandalore and managed to subdue him, sparing him as he still had use for him.[46]

Some time later a memorial shrine commemorating the Gungan battle against the Trade Federation was built on Naboo.[47]

Behind the scenes[]

Leia holo

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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Release information[]

Battleofnaboo negvv

Battle plan

The Battle of Naboo first appeared in George Lucas's Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, released in May of 1999.

Great Grass Plains[]

"The rabble of Naboo have dared to raise an army against us. Take a legion to the fields and wipe them out. All of them."
―Darth Sidious briefs the player before the battle during the loading screen[25]
Grassy Plains History

The simulated army

Like the Battle of Endor that featured in Richard Marquand's Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, The Great Grass Plains battle is inspired by the Vietnam War, in particular, the concept of a technologically inferior race besting a more advanced culture in battle.[48] However, unlike Endor, Great Grass Plains is not won by the protagonists, and they are only saved due to luck, and outside intervention. According to Lucas during the audio commentary, Binks' antics were inspired by Buster Keaton. The battle also had Japanese themes to it.

According to the 1999 reference book The Art of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the battle was originally conceived as taking place between Naboo/Gungan piloted airwhales and Federation "air bikes."

Star Wars: The Making of Episode I: The Phantom Menace described the production process of the special effects for the battle. First, the scene was mapped out by animatics. Then, FX artist Dennis Muren assembled pictures of Earth locations, and these images were distorted by Industrial Light & Magic to appear alien. CGI images of the Trade Federation vehicles and Gungan armies were subsequently inserted into the shot. Animators received horse-riding instruction to illustrate the kaadu realistically. In addition, hundreds of effects such as laser blasts were rendered. Explosions were made on stage in real life, then scanned into the digital compositing system for alterations. The droids, at the suggestion of George Lucas, were made to be pigeon-like, with different actions randomly assigned to individual droids.

The Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace novelization faithfully recreates the movie scene, but with a few alternate details. In the novel, Binks releases the boomas from the battle wagon before the shield drops instead of after. Also, the size of the droid army is said to outnumber the Grand Army, although on-screen the two sides have parity.

An alternate non-canon version of the battle appears in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds as a "what-if" bonus scenario. In it, the player, controlling OOM-9's army (10 Heavy MTTs, 15 AATs, 40 heavy destroyer droids, 16 STAPs, 60 Heavy battle droids, and OOM-9 in a Heavy Armored Assault Tank) is able to destroy Ceel's forces with the optional aid of Darth Maul; Maul had won the duel in Theed and arrived to join the Federation army. The mission starts with four Advanced Droid Starfighters flying overhead, which are all shot down. The player must then push the Grand Army back to a Gungan Temple, which in turn, must be destroyed. The mission ends when the Temple is destroyed regardless of whether or not any Gungan units survive. The game's strategy guide recommends the player focus on the temple instead of eliminating each opposing unit. This can be accomplished by grouping units together and concentrating on one Gungan unit at a time, with emphasis on the fambaas carrying shield generators. The guide also recommends sending in a second wave at the Temple as long as it doesn't get caught in the ford crossing.

Grassy Plains History 3

The Trade Federation attacking the Gungan Temple

This battle appeared in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Battlefront during the Historical Campaign's first mission.[25] The player fights for the Trade Federation and engages the Gungan Grand Army on the plains near several ruins. The player is ordered to wipe out the entire Grand Army as it tries to retake Theed; first the fambaas must be eliminated to knock out the mobile shield generators. The player wins by capturing and holding up to five command posts or eliminating enough Gungans to reduce the Grand Army's reinforcement count.[49] According to Leland Chee, the game's story is considered S-canon.[50]

In the 2007 compilation of the LEGO Star Wars video game, this battle appears in LEGO form during a cutscene.

Battle in Theed[]

"The Royal Naboo Security Force is trying to retake Theed while the bulk of our forces are engaged with the Gungans. You must hold the city at all costs."
―Darth Sidious briefs the player before the battle during the loading screen[25]
Doug Chiang The Phantom Menace

Doug Chiang production painting

The Theed portion appeared first in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1999. Later works show the battle from different angles. The Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace video game offers the players the chance to play this battle over two missions, switching perspectives between Amidala and Kenobi. The game contradicts the movie at certain points. The first mission takes place from the infiltration of the Theed Hangar to the Royal Palace, and the lightsaber duel up until the catwalk. The second mission takes place inside the Palace and goes up to the capture of Gunray and the defeat of Darth Maul.

In the video game Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles, released in 2000, the Jedi's return to Theed, along with the duel with Darth Maul, takes place over three consecutive levels. The game may be played with one or two characters. The first mission features the player(s) riding STAPs on a linear path through Theed. The second mission forces the player(s) to scale the Palace cliffs and face five rooms out of six full of various types of battle droids to rescue Security Force pilots. The third chronicles the duel with Darth Maul. The duel in the game contradicts the movie, so this article does not incorporate its events. The duel features extra posturing on Darth Maul's part, with him bowing twice to the player. They then duel, heading out of the hangar and into the Theed Power Generator complex. The player chases Maul around the catwalks and duels him on an energy bridge, before leaping down a set of rings and dueling Maul on the central catwalk. Maul Force-jumps away from the player(s), who chase the Sith Lord. In the next section, the player(s) face three battle droids and take an elevator up. On the upper catwalk, the player(s) faces two more droids and must jump across a series of gaps which feature oscillating lasers. Once past, the player(s) must disable two fans. They then disable a third fan and start jumping down its five levels, disabling more fans on the way down. The player(s) ends up on the bottom of the power chamber and must avoid falling into the pool. Past that is a laser gate maze, which is guarded by more droids. The next section past the maze is a series of gaps which the player(s) must jump over, while also avoiding lasers. Once across, there is a short duel with Maul, which is similar to the movie. Unlike the movie, Qui-Gon does not get killed by Maul in the game, due to him and Obi-Wan not being the only playable characters.

In the video game Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo, also released in 2000, in mission 14, Panaka's Diversion, the player takes the role of Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes. The default craft for the mission is the Gian speeder. The player is not tasked with destroying every droid in the level and may drive past them, although it is necessary to destroy the droids attacking Palmer's groups and the commandos, as well as a tank to finish the mission. The player is capable of triggering the next objective by blowing through the doorway instead of waiting for the commandos. After Sykes destroys a tank near the hangar and triggers the ambush, the game ends automatically regardless if the remaining tanks in the plaza have not been destroyed.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds features an alternate-history scenario where the Gungan Grand Army (consisting of three fambaas—one with a deflector shield and two with cannons—two heavy Raapturs, one scout, three cerrabores, two heavy Lerraas, two medics, and 12 militiagungs with Roos Tarpals and Jar Jar Binks) liberates Theed following a total victory on the Great Grass Plains. The Gungan army enters Theed via the gates to the south and proceeds through the city, destroying the Trade Federation fortresses blocking the way and rescuing Royal Security Force units, who join the Gungans' struggle. As the Trade Federation military buildings are destroyed, the Gungan army receives reinforcements. Lastly the Gungan army destroys the Trade Federation Monument which had been erected, freeing Naboo. The mission was also included in the game's 2002 expansion pack, Clone Campaigns. The game's strategy guide walks the player through the mission space and recommends the player group the units together under the Fambaa's shield.

Also released in 2001 was the video game Star Wars: Obi-Wan; the player takes the guise of the titular character. The game has a strategy guide. This battle takes place over three missions. In Grounded, Kenobi joins with the Resistance fighters to destroy a turbolaser cannon. The outline in this article is only one way to pass the mission, and Kenobi has a number of weapons at his disposal. It is possible to ignore many of the enemies blocking the player's way. Valuable Assistance expands on the scene inside the hangar, with Kenobi cutting through six power cells. The duel with Darth Maul in Darth Maul is similar to that of the movie but has different details. The melting pit has catwalks that are not in the movie. Also, Kenobi duels Maul directly, depleting his health and cutting his lightsaber in half, then defeating him again. Furthermore, Obi-Wan does not lose his lightsaber in the game's version of the duel, and as such defeats the Sith Lord with his own weapon instead of Qui-Gon's. When Maul is defeated for good, Obi-Wan Force-pushes him into the melting pit, which causes his two halves to separate, instead of Maul simply falling backwards into the pit as in the movie. The mission opens with Obi-Wan trapped behind the barrier and watches Qui-Gon and Maul fight. That duel is not scripted, showing the player a different duel each time the mission starts.

In Star Wars: Battlefront, this battle appears during the game's mission entitled Rebellion on Theed. The mission is from the point of view of the Trade Federation Droid Army and features a droid victory instead of the canonical Naboo victory. Darth Sidious commands the army to defend Theed, and the droids engage the Naboo Security Forces and recapture certain locations (The Office, the Palace, the Rotunda, the Embassy and the Plaza) before eliminating the Naboo soldiers. AATs and Gian speeders appear in the level and can be driven.[49]

In the LEGO Star Wars video game, Chapters 5 and 6 of The Phantom Menace portion take place during this time period, but the participants are re-stylized as mute LEGO characters. The game is for two players, but if only one is active, the second becomes AI-controlled. In Retake the Theed Palace, the players use the figures of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and start outside the Royal Palace. Padmé, Panaka, R2-D2 and Anakin can also be controlled. Moving into the courtyard, the players fight battle droids and destroyer droids. The players must then use the game's "Force powers" to lower a ramp and ascend to the second level, where they must switch to R2-D2 and open a door. The next area features a battle-damaged background. The players must use the game's "Force powers" to solve the puzzle and use one of the grapple guns to get across. The players must then stand on switches to open the next door, revealing more battle droids. After that, the players must build with LEGO studs to create a door for R2 to open, leading into a courtyard and more droids. In that area, the players rebuild a staircase and travel up it, and then fix a bridge. After the bridge they must solve a puzzle, using Anakin to travel through a chute to open a switch to the door, letting the others into an area full of droids. Then the two Jedi characters must use their "Force powers" on a puzzle to go to the next level and open the door to the Palace. The players must then move up the staircase and fight destroyer droids. The path to the next area is behind a statue, which leads to the hangar. There the players rescue six Naboo pilots scattered around the hangar by Force-jumping to their positions or using the "Force" to stack platforms to jump on. When the pilots are freed, the player-controlled R2-D2 must open the main hangar door, ending the mission. The mission's opening video contradicts the movie by using a Flash speeder to ambush the AAT near the hangar instead of the Gian speeder.

In Darth Maul, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan face Darth Maul. The Sith Lord starts by Force-lifting the walkway so the Jedi can't get across the chasm. Then he engages in a sequence where the characters and he Force-push items at each other. When that is done, he runs away and the players can re-place the bridge and follow. The players must then proceed down the hallway to face Maul again and follow as Maul jumps up walkways placed around a column. At the end of that is the catwalk area with a jumping puzzle. Passing through that leads the players to battle-droid commanders and troops which must be defeated. Each player must then take out a destroyer droid and step on a switch to raise a platform to where Maul escaped to. After that is the laser-gate room, which must be disabled by using the "Force powers" to flick switches until the players reach the final area; there are only four gates instead of the canonical seven gates. They fight Darth Maul until his hit points are reduced, then he jumps up and uses his "Force powers" to toss LEGO items against the players. He does this twice until forced back onto the playing field, where the players defeat him again. The closing video then plays and features the final moments of the fight. When Maul is defeated, though, his torso falls into the pit and his LEGO legs remain standing and move around.

The game's strategy guide reveals the required actions to complete the puzzles and shows all the bonus areas.

The 2012 Scholastic kids book LEGO Star Wars: Darth Maul's Mission gives a humorous take on the battle. When Darth Maul confronts the Jedi, Qui-Gon calls him "Little Red Riding Hood." During the duel, Maul succeeds in knocking Qui-Gon into a storage closet. When Obi-Wan is trapped in the laser barriers, he rebuilds scattered droid parts into a speeder bike, but Maul breaks the speeder, knocking Obi-Wan into the pit. Then a Jawa appears and flies directly into Maul, knocking him into the pit. Obi-Wan then waves goodbye, calling out, "see you next fall, Darth Maul." The heroes then throw a party in Theed.

Space battle[]

DCS bridge sparks 1

Live sparks going off on the set of Leavesden Studios Stage C while filming the deaths of the control ship crew

According to Star Wars: The Making of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the space sequence was produced through a combination of computer animation and motion-control model photography.

In Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo, the player, using an N-1 starfighter in the role of Gavyn Sykes, flies in this battle in the game's final campaign mission. The battle takes place over two parts; the player must first wipe out a wave of droid starfighters, then after a cutscene, moves in to engage the Droid Control battleship. The next portion involves destroying three tractor beam generators, allowing access to the ship. Portions of the battleship, including the Receiver Stations, are able to be destroyed but have no effect on the game. After a while, Skywalker flies into the hangar and the player is ordered to destroy the shield generator. When the generator blows, the mission ends with a message by Captain Panaka to Bravo Squadron. The destruction of the shield generator was later confirmed as canon by Leland Chee on Christian Simpson's StarWars.com Blog.[51]

The final mission of the 2001 video game Star Wars: Starfighter, "The Final Assault," showed the battle from the point of view of Rhys Dallows, who also flew an N-1 starfighter as the mission's default craft. The player was tasked with first destroying the droid starfighters and receiver stations. After those targets were destroyed, a mercenary craft appears in a cutscene, and the player must land hits on it before the mercenary retreats inside the Federation battleship. The player chases the mercenary through the ship. If the player chooses to do so, certain secondary targets can be destroyed to fulfill the mission's bonus requirements, although this is not necessary. After the mercenary's ship is destroyed, a scripted event happens: Skywalker destroys the reactor, as in the movie. The player must destroy a shield generator in the hangar to escape before the ship explodes. The game's strategy guide walks the player through the mission's goals and lays out the path to follow while inside the battleship. The guide also recommends ignoring the droid starfighters until the receiver stations are destroyed. This article assumes all parts of the video games are canon and attempts to lay out the battle in chronological fashion.

There are inconsistencies as to the number of N-1s participating. Star Wars: Battle for Naboo shows seven starfighters, not including Skywalker's, in the opening cutscene. Four are seen leaving, including Skywalker, with one confirmed loss (Palmer) during a cutscene. Star Wars: Starfighter shows eight or nine fighters at the beginning, not including Skywalker's; six show up at the ending cutscene, with one confirmed loss in a cutscene at the hands of the mercenary leader. The Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace comic shows seven taking off from Theed, as does the film itself. In a deleted animatic from Episode I, twelve starfighters participate, with one shot down by a droid starfighter.

The Naboo space battle is re-imagined in LEGO form as a bonus level in the 2007 compilation game LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. It can be played with one or two players, flying N-1 starfighters. The player(s) use their starfighters to attack targets on the Droid Control Ship. When enough targets are destroyed, a hatch opens and the player(s) fly inside, blowing up doors to reach the reactor. The reactor is protected by a shield, which drops on a timer, allowing the targets to be destroyed.


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