"He led the Rebel commandos in the assault on the Imperial bunker on Endor, was an important part of the Echo Base command structure on Hoth, and was responsible for saving countless civilian lives at the Battle of Nentan."
Voren Na'al, about Bren Derlin[src]

The Battle of Nentan occurred on the planet Nentan during the Galactic Civil War.


By 2 ABY,[7] the planet Nentan was a Rebel safe world for many civilian refugees hoping to find asylum from the Empire and an important checkpoint along Rebel evacuation roads.[3] Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan also participated in the operations at Nentan. With the Tantive IV, she transmitted messages and dispensed much-needed material.[9]

The evacuationEdit

When the Empire discovered Nentan, General Carlist Rieekan oversaw the evacuation of the Rebel base and bunkers. The situation was critical due to the low number of transports that was only good enough too evacuate civilians. Rieekan considered to sacrifice most military personnel to save the civilians but the evacuation was successful thanks to Captain Bren Derlin. Derlin and a squad of Rebel troops lured Imperial infantry in ancient ruins and managed to steal an insufficiently guarded Imperial transport. This ship was enough to safely evacuate all remaining military personnel from the planet, without even attracting the attention of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer in orbit.[3]


After this unexpected successful evacuation, Bren Derlin was promoted to Major by General Rieekan and later given command of security and operations of Echo Base on Hoth.[3]



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