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"It all goes back to rikknit eggs. They are—were—New Plympto's only major export. They were our ticket into the Galactic Republic. Only the Republic refused to give us representation in the Senate. And then they banned our export of eggs! Our economy was in shambles! The Separatists offered to buy our rikknit eggs—and include us in their Confederacy. What were we supposed to do? It seemed like a good deal—until you and your clones showed up and started killing us!"
―Bomo Greenbark explains the Nosaurian resistance to Dass Jennir[src]

The Battle of New Plympto was a conflict that took place towards the end of the Clone Wars.

It involved many battles between the native Nosaurians, who had joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Galactic Republic's clone forces. Having been denied representation in the Galactic Senate and having their main export article banned, the Nosaurians turned to the Confederacy, who were more than willing to support them financially, as well as include New Plympto in the movement. Not surprisingly, the Republic invaded New Plympto, engaging both Nosaurians and battle droids in mortal combat. The battle would last until the end of the Clone Wars, when Dass Jennir, the Jedi General in charge of the clone army, was betrayed by his own troops and almost killed. However, despite deactivation of their droid army, the Nosaurian Separatists managed to escape the battle and regroup.



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