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"You have the basics: one standard day ago Warlord Zsinj showed up in the system with the Iron Fist, launched a wing of TIEs, and proceeded with a planetary bombardment. Our base there was hit hard, though since most of it was underground, the damage was not as extensive as Zsinj undoubtedly would like to think."
Gial Ackbar, to Borsk Fey'lya[src]

The forces of Warlord Zsinj executed a hit-and-fade strike against the New Republic forward base on the world of Noquivzor. The attack was carried out by Zsinj, aboard his Executor-class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist in response to the recent capture of Borleias as well as the loss of two of his armed freighters, it was too late to do catastrophic damage, as most of the New Republic forces had either already withdrawn from the planet or had relocated to installations on other parts of that world.

The warlord was successful in demolishing a starfighter pilot and mechanics' barracks building that had been assigned to Rogue Squadron; initially it was believed that Tycho Celchu was killed in the attack, having thought to be living there at the time. The Iron Fist, however, fled before reinforcements could arrive.



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