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In 4 ABY, about seven months after the Battle of Endor,[3] a battle occurred at the planet Notak.[2] Occurring around the same time as the Hevvrol Sector Campaign and other battles in the nearby Hevvrol and Doldur sectors,[1] the battle was a rear-guard action by the Galactic Empire; the Victory-class Star Destroyer Harridan was reassigned from its normal duties in the N'zoth system to support Notak and the defensive retreat from the Inner and Mid Rims. The Harridan's reassignment, combined with the reassignment of most of Black Sword Command, led to the Yevethan Uprising[2] eight months after Endor.[3]

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The fighting at Notak was first mentioned in the novel Before the Storm. The New Essential Chronology later gave context to the battle's occurrence, placing the Yevethan Uprising eight months after the Battle of Endor, and reference guides such as The Essential Atlas and The Essential Guide to Warfare expanded on the New Republic's activities in that region of space. However, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia's entry on the planet Notak erroneously uses the word "years" instead of "months," thereby claiming that the battle at Notak occurred eight years after the Battle of Endor instead of eight months.[4]

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