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"Serroco was scoured by nuclear fire, and Neo-Crusaders ravaged Nouane, whose elegant civilization and ancient mastery of statecraft epitomized all they despised."
―From Vilnau Teupt's "Industry, Honor, Savagery: Shaping the Mandalorian Soul", 24 ABY[3]

A battle was fought during the Mandalorian Wars on Nouane, capital world of the eponymous mini-empire Nouane. In 3963 BBY, the Mandalorians launched a Coreward assault from Mandalorian space into the Galactic Republic. After taking the planet Serroco, the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders proceeded along their invasion corridor to Nouane and conquered the world; as a result, representatives of the beleaguered planet turned to the Republic for assistance. After taking Nouane, the Mandalorians proceeded to a victory at Dagary Minor before their advance was haulted following a battle on the planet of Omonoth. Eventually the Mandalorians were driven off the planet of Nouane, and the government joined the Republic as a semi-autonomous Allied Region.[1]

In the keynote address at the four-hundred-twelfth Proceedings of Galactic Anthropology and History, in 24 ABY, Vilnau Teupt spoke of the Mandalorian race's development, mentioning the capture of Nouane while talking through the Mandalorian Wars.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The battle was mentioned in The Essential Atlas, a book written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace that was released in 2009.[1] It was later referenced in an in-universe speech recorded within 2012's The Essential Guide to Warfare.[3]


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