The Battle of Ord Cantrell was a large-scale military engagement during Imperial Civil War between the Crimson Empire led by self-proclaimed Emperor Xandel Carivus and Baron Ragez D'Asta private fleet with the support of the New Republic.

The battle[]

A temporary ceasefire.

With much of the Imperial Starfleet dispatched across the galaxy in the hunt for Kir Kanos, Ord Cantrell was left poorly defended and vulnerable to Baron D'Asta's large private fleet.

The loyalist Imperial forces were soundly defeated in space, losing at least one Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and D'Asta's fighters began strafing Carivus's estate.

Seeing that defeat was imminent, Carivus offered to release Feena D'Asta. The Baron was loath to call off the attack when victory was in sight, but he valued his daughter's life over his own pride and agreed to the ceasefire.

Death of the Emperor[]

"For your betrayal of the Emperor Palpatine…the penalty is death."
―Kir Kanos[1]

Emperor Carivus is slain.

Aboard his Marauder-class corvette, D'Asta then learned from Kir Kanos of Carivus's role in the death of Palpatine. The two men went to the would-be Emperor's estate to extract their revenge, accompanied by New Republic agents Mirith Sinn and Tav Kennede.

Carivus's Guards wounded Kennede, but were unable to stop Kanos from executing the traitorous "Emperor". After the battle, Sinn was unable to convince D'Asta to join the New Republic, and he decided that his sector would be independent for the time being.


Baron D'Asta and Kir Kanos leave the New Republic envoys following the end of hostilities.


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