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The Battle of Orron III took place early in the Galactic Civil War, near the completion of the battlestation Death Star I.

When the Alliance to Restore the Republic captured the Imperial slave freighter Toral, they learned from documents found in its memory that it had been scheduled to link up with a weapons convoy assembling near the planet Orron III. The freighters The Tone and Uhuru had already assembled, along with the corvette group Hyko, and were preparing to leave for the Death Star I, when the Rebel force showed up. All ships were subsequently destroyed by Y-wings from Red Squadron and Gold Squadron and X-wings from Blue Squadron.

During the battle, several communications satellites were stolen from Orron III's Imperial base by the bulk freighter Phoenix. These would later prove instrumental in gaining knowledge of the Death Star project. Keyan Farlander, flying a Y-wing in Red Squadron, made a mistake which resulted in the loss of two wingmen, and his briefing officer Commander Lagrane suspended him from operations pending an official inquest regarding the incident. He was eventually returned to active duty with a warning and a compulsory visit to the flight simulators for some brushing up.



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