"I'll ask you how you got loose from Rokur Gepta later, if we live. Meanwhile, hadn't you better man the quad-guns?"
Vuffi Raa to Lando Calrissian[src]

The Battle of Oseon was a minor skirmish between the Millennium Falcon and the Renatasian Confederation, in the year 3 BBY.


After years of searching, members of the Renatasian Confederation known as Zero Squadron, had tracked Vuffi Raa to the Oseon system. Believing the droid to be the Butcher of Renatasia, they intended to destroy him along with his associate, Lando Calrissian. Having discovered that the pair was on a private asteroid belonging to Bohhuah Mutdah, the five starfighters commenced strafing runs on the asteroid's transparisteel dome, determined to destroy their long-standing foe.

The BattleEdit

Having escaped the exploding mansion complex, Calrissian made his way to the Millennium Falcon and made lift-off. As the freighter entered orbit, it was beset by the five remaining fightercraft of Zero Squadron, led by Klyn Shanga. After a few unsuccessful passes, Vuffi Raa executed a Luftberry circle, which resulted in the battle's first casualty. Seeking revenge, a second pilot made an error, and came within the sights of the Falcon's quad-guns, ending his fight. Thinking their intended victim was still on the asteroid, the three remaining ships decided to launch the dreadnaught engine they were using for interstellar travel toward the surface. Unfortunately, one of the tractor cables would not release, drawing a third pilot to his doom. The resulting explosion destroyed a fourth starfighter, and disabling the fifth, while the Millennium Falcon escaped without harm.


The last remaining pilot was rescued by the crew of the Millennium Falcon and brought onboard. Klyn Shanga would not believe that Vuffi Raa was, in fact, a droid, and maintained he was organic and remained the Butcher of Renatasia. Having pity on the aged soldier, Vuffi Raa persuaded Lando to transport him to the nearest port, and release him; which is exactly what they did.

The small, private fleet of fighters that Bohhuah Mutdah employed in defense of his home were never launched, and were suspiciously absent in the battle.



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