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"They've hit the main reactor. Prepare to evacuate."
―Adi Gallia, ordering a clone navigation officer to initiate an evacuation[1]

During the Clone Wars, a battle broke out near the planet Patitite Pattuna in 20 BBY, when the flagship of Jedi Master Adi Gallia came under attack by a fleet of Confederacy of Independent Systems warships led by the Kaleesh General Grievous. Caught off guard while en route to the safety of the Galactic Republic, the Separatist fleet managed to strike Gallia's Venator-class Star Destroyer, which thereby caused significant damage to its main reactor, forcing Gallia to order all onboard personnel to evacuate.

However, while the evacuation was underway, Grievous and several battle droids boarded the damaged cruiser in order to capture the Jedi Master. As the Star Destroyer's nonessential personnel fled, Gallia and the Kaleesh engaged one another in a brief duel, while clone troopers of the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps fended off Grievous's droids. Despite her efforts, Gallia was overwhelmed and taken captive by Grievous aboard his command ship.

While the Star Destroyer fell to turbolaser fire from the Separatist warships, the Republic droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, who had been aboard the Star Destroyer, managed to escape to Patitite Pattuna aboard a BTL-B Y-wing starfighter/bomber. Sometime after the battle, however, Gallia was rescued by fellow Jedi Master Plo Koon.


"You know these droids, Commander Wolffe?"
"Yes, sir. We transported them to Master Gallia's ship after we left the planet Aleen."
―Plo Koon and Wolffe, after finding C-3PO and R2-D2[1]

Following a relief mission on the planet Aleen, C-3PO and R2-D2 were transferred to Jedi Master Adi Gallia's flagship.

During the second year of the Clone Wars, in 20 BBY,[5] Jedi Master Adi Gallia, aboard her Venator-class Star Destroyer flagship, had set a course to return to the safety of the Galactic Republic following a relief mission on the planet Aleen. After the mission on Aleen, two Republic droids, the protocol droid C-3PO and the astromech droid R2-D2, were transferred to Gallia's cruiser by Clone Commander CC-3636, otherwise known as "Wolffe," of the 104th Battalion.[1]

En route to the galactic capital of the planet Coruscant, Gallia's cruiser passed near the planet Patitite Pattuna in hopes of avoiding an attack by Confederacy of Independent Systems forces. However, despite their hopes, Gallia's Star Destroyer was ambushed by the Kaleesh Separatist General Grievous and his fleet of warships, who had managed to locate the Venator, resulting in a battle near Patitite Pattuna.[1]

The battle[]

En route to Republic territory, Adi Gallia's flagship was ambushed by a Separatist fleet near Patitite Pattuna.

Upon Grievous's arrival in the space surrounding Patitite Pattuna, his fleet of two Munificent-class star frigates and his personal Providence-class Dreadnought proceeded to bear down on Gallia's Star Destroyer. Caught off guard and unprepared, the Venator's port hull was struck by the Separatist warships, which resulted in significant damage to be dealt to its main reactor. Aboard her Venator's command bridge as the battle ensued, Gallia ordered a clone navigation officer to initiate an immediate evacuation of their clone troopers, who belonged to the Republic Army's 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps.[1]

As a result, clone trooper pilots were launched from the Star Destroyer's main hangar while they flew Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters and BTL-B Y-wing starfighter/bombers against the Separatist fleet, where they attempted to fend off squadrons of Vulture-class droid starfighters. Meanwhile, other Republic pilots manned several Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships to assist in the evacuation of the onboard clone troopers, with Clone trooper flight crews overseeing their deployments. While the Separatist warships bombarded the Republic Star Destroyer, Grievous, alongside several battle droids, boarded the cruiser in an attempt to capture Gallia. As the Star Destroyer's nonessential personnel evacuated, the Jedi Master and a number of her clone troopers engaged the invading Separatist forces, resulting in a brief firefight between Gallia's clones and several B1-series battle droids, while the Jedi Master and Grievous fought in a brief duel. Dropping in numbers, the battle droids managed to overwhelm the clone troopers as Gallia lost ground to Grievous, who managed to kick her towards an adjacent wall.[1]

During the battle, Adi Gallia clashed blades with Grievous aboard her cruiser.

As the battle raged, C-3PO and R2-D2, who had been searching for an escape pod, managed to commandeer a BTL-B Y-wing bomber, which had been assigned to the astromech droid[1] R5-L26.[6] Fleeing the Venator in the bomber, R2-D2 was able to evade enemy turbolaser fire, while he also managed to destroy vulture droid. However, despite the Republic's efforts, Gallia was taken captive by Grievous aboard his dreadnought, while the Star Destroyer was blasted apart by the Separatist warships. Meanwhile, the two Republic droids, pursued by a vulture droid into the skies of Patitite Pattuna, were forced to crashland the bomber on the planet's surface after sustaining damage, but not before destroying the droid starfighter.[1]


Jedi Master Plo Koon soon after launched a rescue mission to free Gallia from custody aboard Grievous's dreadnought, which met with success despite General Grievous's escape. The rescue also had R2-D2 and C-3PO reunite with Republic forces.[7]

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