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"We're going to take Pelek Baw?"
"No. We are going to take the whole system. All of it. Right now."
Depa Billaba and Mace Windu[src]

The Battle of Pelek Baw was a conflict between the Balawai militia of the Haruun Kal government, under the command of Colonel Lorz Geptun, and the Korunnai Upland Liberation Front, led by Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Depa Billaba, and Korun lor pelek Kar Vastor. It was the final engagement of the Summertime War.

The battle[edit | edit source]

The battle began with the capture of the Pelek Baw spaceport by a surprise assault of ten Jadthu-class landing ships with their clone trooper complements, masked by the arrival of a decoy Turbostorm-class gunship and by the gunships' position in a waterfall. 286 militia were captured (35 of them seriously wounded) and 48 were killed. As the ULF worked on accessing the Vulture droid control center at the spaceport, Jedi General Mace Windu went into the city to find Colonel Lorz Geptun, the leader of the Balawai militia, and force his surrender.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

However, once he left, the ULF killed the clone trooper guard he had left behind, informed the others in the gunships that he had been killed, and using both their command of the clones and their control of the Vulture droids, began attacking the city, hoping to raze it to the ground and kill its populace.

Windu was able to force a surrender from Geptun, and then using his militia, make his way back to the spaceport, returning in contact with the clones and disabling the droid command center. The clones under Major Nick Rostu killed the Korunnai Akk Guards while Windu dueled with and defeat ULF leaders Kar Vastor and Depa Billaba, placing them under arrest for trial on Coruscant. The attack also enabled Geptun to call off the Vulture Droids, preventing them from destroying the city.

Shortly later, a Republic task force arrived in the system. The ULF was disbanded, the militia reduced in size with many of them joining the Republic Army, and Haruun Kal officially rejoined the Republic, ending the Summertime War.

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