The Battle of Polneye was the only mission of the Yevethan Purge to see local resistance result in a Yevethan casualty.

Three Duskhan League warships were tasked with the assault on Polneye: Devotion, Honor and Liberty—at least one of the starships was a Victory-class Star Destroyer, although exactly which is unknown. Upon arrival, a sensor-scrambling atmospheric ionization field was detected by the Yevethan warships, preventing accurate bombardment of surface installations. To ensure timely completion of their mission, a trio of TIE/rc starfighters were launched as spotters.

Ground-based traffic control systems detected the TIE/rc scouts, but the local denizens were unaware of their purpose. Moments later, orbital turbolaser fire commenced on Polneye's cities, guided and adjusted by the scouts. Four of six defensive TIE/In interceptors, flown by rookie Polneyi pilots including Plat Mallar, launched to engage the scouts. Plat Mallar scored a kill on one TIE/rc, but the other Polneyi TIE/In interceptors were destroyed before they could secure any kills.

The turbolaser fire continued until all surface targets had been neutralized. Of Polneye's eight major cities, only Ten South survived the bombardment, although a troop transport landed before the conclusion of the battle so as to pillage droids and equipment for the Duskhan League's captured yards and vessels. Plat Mallar escaped Polneye and was discovered by elements of the New Republic Fifth Battle Group. His report of the battle exposed the Yevethan Purge, paving the way for a formal declaration of war by the New Republic against the Duskhan League.


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