The Battle of Qoribu was a battle which took place on Qoribu during the Dark Nest Crisis in 35 ABY with the Chiss Ascendancy against the Killik Colony and their Hapes Consortium reinforcement.


The Chiss-Colony border dispute went out of control with the Skirmish at Qoribu. Chiss military further fortified their border as Jedi Knight Jacen Solo convinced Queen Mother Tenel Ka to reinforce the Colony with the Hapan Royal Navy.

UnuThul intended to ambush the Chiss and wait for the Hapans, but his plan was discovered by Jedi Joiners Jaina Solo and Zekk. The pair tried to convince UnuThul to make peace with the Chiss, but UnuThul refused and ordered the pair to rescue Lowbacca and leave the Colony. Trying to avoid a full scale war, Jaina faked her submission until neither the hive mind of Unu nor Taat paid her attention, then warned her ex-boyfriend Commander Jagged Fel of the Chiss through the Force.

The Colony ambush was foiled, but they still earned enough time as the Chiss reanalyzed their enemy. Hapes reinforcement took up the northern pole of Qoribu, Chiss the southern, and around a hundred and fifty thousand Colony dartships in the center. The Chiss fleet was outnumbered two to one compared to the Hapes fleet, and the situation at Qoribu became a staredown until the both forces detected the presence of the Millennium Falcon. Commander Jagged Fel of the Chiss and Dukat Aleson Gray of the Hapes hailed the Falcon, with Leia Organa Solo explaining the Jedi plan of storming the Dark Nest on Kr.

Gray seized the situation as a chance to boost his reputation in front of his Queen Mother if the Hapes fleet could "rescue the Masters Skywalker from the Gorog", thus ordering a pair of Hapan Novas to approach Kr. Refusing to allow the enemy to establish a forward position in such a tensed moment, Fel sent a Chiss Star Destroyer and half a dozen cruisers to meet the advancing Hapes. Both advance forces refused to withdraw despite the order from Organa Solo, and the Gorog dartships on Kr opened fire.

Two more Hapan Battle Dragons and a dozen Novas advanced, and the Chiss answered by another dozen Chiss cruisers. Conversation ended, and the Battle of Qoribu began.

The Battle[]

Chiss and Hapes advanced forces engaged closely in Kr orbit, capital ships exchanging turbolaser fire while starfighter squadrons fought for the control of attack vectors. Dark Nest neglected neither side and concentrated on the Falcon on surface level. Despite all the crossfire, the Falcon landed on Kr and joined the Battle of Kr.

The Colony joined the battle with the Great Swarm swallowed the Hapes at Qoribu's blast-tattered rings to provide living shield to their allies, then destroyed the Chiss starfighter squadrons with absolute advantage in numbers. The Chiss turbolaser fire destroyed a dozen dartships per shot, but the Swarm did not even bother to break formation.

Jaina and Zekk, both in their StealthXs with an extra one slaved to Jaina's control, searched for Lowbacca in the Chiss fleet. As UnuThul's flagship, a Lancer-class frigate, joined the battle, the Swarm destroyed the Chiss escorts and crippled a Chiss cruiser. Meanwhile Hapes advanced to secure the hole opened by the Killiks in the Chiss lines, driving the Chiss away.

The Chiss retreated in disarray, running for the Qoribu southern pole, but the Jedi Joiner pair revealed it was in fact a Bothan fade tactic, trying to draw the Colony and the Hapes into open area. The pair tried to warn UnuThul, but the Prime Unu was too busy coordinating the battle to join their Force Meld. Taat hive members were too far away to access their new found knowledge through the hive mind. Unu tried to order the pair away, feared they would betray the Colony again. Leia then reached Jaina and relayed the situation on Kr, reinforcing the pair's belief in the treachery of the Dark Nest.

UnuThul later personally pushed aside Unu's will and talk with the pair, despite his verbal denial about acknowledging a Bothan fade was applied by the Chiss, the Great Swarm remained at Qoribu and spread out beneath the southern pole, with Hapes taking supporting position behind the dartships. Realizing the fade failed, the Chiss redeployed their fleet into a three layers deep defensive wall outside enemy fire range.

Meanwhile the Jedi Joiner lost the slaved StealthX to Chiss fire, as the Chiss lost track of the pair during redeployment, the dreadnaught holding Lowbacca retreated and jumped to Chiss space.


Failed to rescue Lowbacca, Jaina and Zekk went to Kr and killed several Gorog warriors firing on the Falcon. UnuThul moved his flagship to Kr as the battle became a stalemate, who in time to stop Jae Juun and Tarfang from hijacking the Falcon.

Landed, the three Joiners entered the Gorog nest. Leia showed UnuThul the Dark Nest, its captive room which killed Chiss prisoners to feed the Gorog, and the body of Welk. Leia proposed a compromise to the Colony and the Chiss, which was accepted by both sides and led to the signing of the Qoribu Truce. Jagged Fel personally released Lowbacca to the Jedi Order.


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