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A battle at the planet Qretu 5 was the result of a punitive strike conduced by Rogue Squadron against one of the off-world bacta-producing colonies of Thyferra.


The Imperial retaliation against Halanit induced Rogue Squadron to change its strategy to prevent Ysanne Isard on hitting innocent worlds again. A list of viable targets was compiled and choosing between dozens of Thyferran off-world bacta-producing colonies, the Q5A7 Bacta Refinement Plant on Qretu 5 was selected. The scope of the mission was to destroy the industrial facilities and to take away as much bacta as possible: the remainder was to be destroyed. The bacta requisitioned would then be given to traders in exchange of arms, munitions and spare parts. In this way, Ysanne Isard would be deprived of being able to retaliate for fear of alienating or antagonizing the traders.

The battleEdit

Rogue Squadron and its allies used the ring of asteroids surrounding the planet to enter the atmosphere and then arrived undetected at the bacta refinery flying a low-level approach. Rogue Squadron made the first run, using proton torpedoes and laser fire to hit the ground targets. While Tal'dira's Twi'lek squadron of Chir'daki starfighters was prepping to begin its run, a group of eight TIE/LN starfighters piloted by Thyferran pilots joined the battle, but were soon shoot down by Rogue Squadron. Having the area cleared from enemy forces, a convoy of independent freighters and smugglers led by Booster Terrik landed at the nearby spaceport and loaded all the bacta they could take away.


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