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The battle of Ragmar V occurred when mercenaries destroyed a Republic gunship there.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Late in the Clone Wars, Padawan Joc Sah was sent by his master, Sev, to the Outer Rim planet Ragmar V to secure a Republic outpost. The outpost would be used as a staging area for an upcoming attack on a separatist base, that, according to Sev, would turn the tide in the war, assuming the attack would end in a victory.

The battle[edit | edit source]

A Republic gunship landed on a plateau, close to a small village of outcasts and mercenaries, which was detected by Sergeant Remy. Sensing trouble, Gaan, the head of the village, ordered two of his men to destroy the gunship using a rocket launcher. The transport was destroyed, causing Joc Sah and his men to lose any hope of the inhabitants welcoming them.

As Republic forces advanced on the settlement, Gaan rallied the villages' residents, encouraging them to fight and warning them not to hurt the Jedi, as he wished to destroy him alone.

Joc Sah and his men arrived at the village, to be met with Gaan, whose forces were waiting on the rooftops of the run-down buildings. The mercenary warned the Jedi that the Republic wasn't welcome at their planet, but the padawan refused to back down. Just as a battle was about to erupt, Sergeant Remy received Order 66, and ordered his men to do as such. As Joc Sah jumped through a window to escape the blaster fire, Gaan, assuming his men were trying to kill the Jedi, ordered them to cease fire. Realizing the truth, he shot one of the clones with his blaster pistol. This proved to be a mistake, however, as they began to attack him. Gaan then escaped through the same window as his "enemy."

The mercenaries then began to fire on Sergeant Remy and his troops, forcing them to take cover behind a landspeeder-like transport. Joc Sah attempted to contact his master, who had been killed by clone troopers on the bridge of the star destroyer in orbit. The comlink message convinced the commander on board the ship to send more force down, to ensure the death of the padawan.

On the planet, Gaan stated that Joc Sah's only two options were to be killed or to fight with them, and explained that he should trust him because he wasn't "the one shooting at him yet." The two assaulted the clones, who threw a thermal detonator at them. It was thrown back with the force, demolishing the transport being used as cover. Joc Sah, Gaan, and the outcasts then made quick work of the remaining clones, including Sergeant Remy.

Gaan kills Sergeant Remy

After the padawan tried to contact Sev one last time, Gaan informed him that he was an outcast now, and Joc Sah agreed to fight with the villagers, knowing more clone troopers would be sent down to terminate them. At least eight gunships then landed, and the newly united band of outcasts engaged Republic forces.

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