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"What we can't seize of Darth Krayt's Third Fleet we'll destroy. The Sith will be forced, because of Ralltiir's strategic importance, to deploy another fleet to defend it."
Admiral Gar Stazi[1]

The Battle of Ralltiir was a battle of the Second Imperial Civil War that took place in 137 ABY in orbit of the planet Ralltiir. It was fought between the forces of the Galactic Alliance Remnant and Roan Fel's Empire-in-exile on one side, and Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire on the other. It resulted in the near destruction of the Coruscant Third Fleet.


The Battle[]

"Admiral, they're burning off our shields! Between Fel's renegades and the Galactic Alliance, we're badly outnumbered!"
Captain Furske to Admiral Peto Kelsan[1]

Stazi and Fenel's fleets attack the defending Imperials.

The Remnant fleet jumped out of hyperspace in front of the fleet stationed at Ralltiir. Stazi had every intention of taking the ships to bolster his fleet, while at the same time stretching the Sith's forces. Taking the Imperials by surprise, Stazi's forces managed to destroy an ion cannon battery on Ralltiir's Moon Twelve. The fleet managed to weaken the areas surrounding their engines and defensive systems, but the attack was too slow, and the ships of the Coruscant Third Fleet managed to raise their shields. Before the tide could be turned, the Bastion Second Fleet, loyal to Roan Fel, arrived to support the Galactic Alliance forces. They had waited until they saw Stazi commit to the attack and now joined in the assault, which managed to break down the enemy defenses.

Calling for a ceasefire, the Fel Empire Admiral, Edouard Fenel, ordered that the ship crews of the opposing Imperial fleet agree to surrendering their ships to the "true" Emperor, or take them over by any means necessary, should their superiors disagree. This seemed to work until the rogue Captain Vaclen Tor disagreed, stating that the Fel Empire and the Galactic Alliance wanted to capture the Third Fleet's ships, and that duty required that they either fight to the end, or at least activate the self-destruct functions on the ships and evacuate, which Captain Tor made preparations for.

Stazi's fleet shields the Steadfast.

Attempting to punish Tor, Admiral Fenel led an attack on his frigate, the Steadfast, and ordered the other defending Imperials to support him. When they refused, he insisted, following which, Admiral Kelsan changed his mind about surrendering and handing over the ships, ordering all the men under his command to do the same as Tor. Fenel then attempted to order Stazi to block their own escape, which the Alliance Admiral refused, as he was not an Imperial subordinate. Instead of targeting the Imperial escape pods leaving the self-destructing ships, he put his fleet in-between the two Imperial ones and sent a squadron of fighters to cover the Steadfast as well. Thanking Stazi for his aid, the Third Fleet Admiral Peto Kelsan went down with his ship. The Alliance fleet finally shielded the Steadfast from a last-ditch fighter attack from Fenel's forces, forcing them to accept the Alliance position of not following Imperial orders when they went against Alliance values.


"We might have had the ships intact if Fenel hadn't overplayed his hand. I trust, your majesty, that we are now past the testing phase of our relationship?"
―Admiral Stazi to Emperor Roan Fel[1]

Admiral Stazi and Emperor Fel after the battle

While they only gained one ship, the destruction of the Coruscant Third Fleet meant the Alliance Remnant and Empire-in-exile had struck a huge blow against the Sith-led Empire. The Imperial Navy would have to stretch itself slightly thinner to fill the gap left by the missing fleet, and Krayt's Empire had be shown to not be the invincible juggernaut it presented itself as.

After the battle, Emperor Fel talked to Stazi about its outcome. After a brief argument, during which Stazi made it clear the GA would not become vassals of Fel's Empire, Fel agreed they needed to work together better. He also apologized for Fenel's actions, saying he had thought Fenel understood the situation better than he really did.

The Steadfast, having had its self-destruct mechanism disabled earlier by a barrage, was given to Fel's forces as a symbol of good faith. Stazi had proven himself as an equal statesman who could handle Fel's intimidation for the moment, and the alliance between the GA and the Fel Empire managed to hold together, although it was unknown to Stazi how long it would actually last.


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