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The Battle of Red Rock took place on the planet M'haeli in 0 ABY.

It involved the ambush of forces loyal to Imperial Governor Grigor by Rebel forces under the command of Princess Leia Organa. Although cautioned by one of his officers, Grigor opted to advance which led his troops, supported by AT-STs and his own PX-4 Mobile Command Base, into a trap. Rebel troops occupied the high ground and hit the Imperials with small arms fire and a barrage from well-placed 1.4 FD P-Towers. Grigor's troops, largely pirates and mercenaries in stormtrooper armor, were then cut to pieces by the rebel infantry charge. Grigor himself died at the hands of former Imperial officer Ranulf Trommer.

Shortly after the battle, the Rebel forces were forced to retreat as 'real' offworld Imperial reinforcements arrived, spearheaded by AT-ATs and led by Grand Moff Lynch Hauser.



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