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"We're lucky that suicide run on the Dominion only killed two of us."
"Very lucky, considering the two Moffs we lost."
―Members of the Moff Council discussing the battle.[src]

The Battle of Roche took place in 41 ABY, as part of the Second Galactic Civil War.

The battleEdit

The Imperial Remnant, allied with Darth Caedus's faction of the Galactic Alliance, attempted to capture the Roche asteroids to use Verpine technology for their war effort. The Mandalorians, allied with the Verpine, defended them with the help of Jacen's twin sister, Jaina Solo.

The Remnant employed an aerosol Nanovirus that was made to kill only the soldier caste, but not affecting other creatures or Verpine so they could continue to work in the munitions factories.

The Imperials used the Super Star Destroyer Dominion as their flagship during the battle. It was reduced to a flaming hulk by a concentrated starfighter assault from Nickel One.



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