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The Battle of Rocrin was a bloody conflict that occurred during the operations of Task Force Vengeance in the Airam sector.


The Empire had acquired reliable information that a large Rebel convoy would be transiting through the Rocrin system. In response to this, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Rage and interdictor Compellor readied an ambush there. Unlike previous engagements, there was a modification to their standard search-and-destroy orders. Admiral Wooyou Senn, desirous of learning what cargoes were being carried so as to better cripple the Rebellion's forces, issued the command that all ships be scanned before destruction. To carry out such a task, the Empire's pilots were reminded, speed was life.

The BattleEdit

"Here it is, the Rebel convoy we've been waiting for!"
―Unknown Imperial comm officer[src]

Star Destroyer Rage and interdictor Compellor arrived undetected at the chosen interception point. Once again, starfighter support was provided by Avenger Squadron in its shielded TIE/IN interceptors, Beta Squadron in its TIE/sa bombers, and Gamma Squadron in its TIE/LN starfighters. To better facilitate Gamma Squadron's protection role, its fighters were modified to carry and fire concussion missiles.

Soon the Rebel convoy arrived, unceremoniously torn from hyperspace by Compellor 's gravity well projectors. Recognizing their immediate foes in the bombers of Beta Squadron, the Rebel A-wing escort, Oro Squadron, turned on them with missiles and lasers. Rage ordered Gamma to intercept while Avenger Squadron closed in on the freighters and corvettes. The dividing kilometers were crossed and the fight began.

Avenger Squadron, dodging missiles and laserfire from the lead ship, Assassin-class corvette Croisade, established that it held technicians of some kind. In quick succession, the other ships were inspected. Modular conveyor Rakan 1 held a fabricator; Rakan 2, to the Imperials' astonishment, had a large reactor aboard. Other goods fit for the construction of a base were also found.

Beta moved in on the convoy. However, the Rebels had placed a distress call and no sooner had the first cargo ship was destroyed did X-wings from Ulan Squadron began to arrive. Knowing that the Empire trapped them through interdictor Compellor alone, the X-wings had been equipped with proton torpedos and were given the cruiser as their target. Avenger Squadron, its inspections complete, joined Gamma in facing this new threat.

Meanwhile, the convoy continued to suffer torpedo hits. Its troubles worsened when Rage came into range and added its own bombardment. With its Oro Squadron escort being destroyed around it, the Rebel starships were eradicated. Ulan Squadron failed to drive off the Compellor, and the Imperial starfighters hunted down the X-wings one by one and destroyed the Rebels to the man.


Although Task Force Vengeance had scored another victory, its commanders, including Admiral Senn, were not without concern. Even as Imperial success mounted, so did the evidence of the Rebellion's substantial buildup in the sector. Furthermore, despite the convoy's loss, the Rebellion stepped up its efforts and matched the Empire's pressure. Not only did it construct Soren, a starship component factory, in the Mobetta system, but it also assembled Calenz, a shipyard capable of producing medium-sized warships, in the Nocto system. It was clear to both sides that the campaign was far from over.


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