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The Battle of Rodia was a battle fought sometime during the Jedi Civil War.


During both the Great Sith War and the Mandalorian Wars, Rodia managed to remain neutral, but during the Jedi Civil War, it was finally drawn into the full-scale conflict. In hopes to deny the Republic its greatest source of scouts and explorers, Sith forces attempted to destroy the planet using the massive firepower of the Star Forge fleet. But the Jedi uncovered their plot and signaled the Republic fleet for help. The Battle of Rodia was an important battle of the Jedi Civil War, and after the Republic drove away the Sith fleet, Rodia officially joined the war on the Republic side, though individual Rodian mercenaries continued to work for the Sith and other factions.[2] From Rodia, the Republic launched a campaign which resulted in victories at Mon Gazza and Lannik.[1]


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