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"If we are to succeed in our assault, we will need to employ a strategy of my own making… one that requires both skill and cunning… one that ensures us a victory with minimal risk. We will direct our Acclamator ships to unleash their bomber squadrons upon the Rebels until they submit, and then—when they march, arms-raised, from their pitiful, smoldering base we will bomb them again!"
―An Imperial officer stationed on Nal Hutta[src]

An early battle in the Galactic Civil War led to the destruction of a Rebel monitoring outpost on Ryloth.


When the Imperial garrison stationed on Nal Hutta obtained information from the starship logs of a captured smuggler about a Rebel presence somewhere in a nearby star system, the local commander decided to deploy Viper probe droids to scout nearby planets. When Ryloth was revealed to be the home of a Rebel base, an Imperial task force was immediately dispatched to destroy it.


TIE Bombing

TIE bombers annihilate the Rebel base.

The Imperial advance force quickly moved to capture a landing area to allow their commander to land on the battlefield. A group of Jawas friendly to the local Rebels decided to attack the Imperials on route to the Rebel base. After a short skirmish, scout troopers used thermal detonators to destroy the Jawa's sandcrawler home.

The Imperials moved on to destroy the Rebel power generator to bring down the base shield generator; after this was done, TIE bombers were called in for a bombing run on the Rebel installation, which included a barracks, a light vehicle factory and a communications array. Using the ruins of the power generator as a command point, the Imperial force moved into the Rebel base to destroy the barracks. After a last-ditch Rebel charge against the Imperials, a final bombing run was called in, obliterating all remaining Rebel forces.

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The Battle of Ryloth is one of two combat training levels in Star Wars: Empire at War.

Although all Rebel forces on Ryloth are shown to be eliminated in this battle (after which the Empire would presumably take control of the planet), later in the Imperial campaign Ryloth is shown to apparently be under Rebel control once again. The circumstances concerning this reestablishment of Rebel control are not explained.


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