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"They must be dealt with swiftly. I want those energy collection farms garrisoned and any Rebels in the area eliminated."
Grand General Malcor Brashin to Commander Brenn Tantor[src]

In 0 ABY, the Battle of Sarapin was fought between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic for control of Sarapin's vital energy collection capacity.


Some weeks prior to the battle, Rebel forces took control of several energy collection stations on Sarapin. The Empire noticed that the energy output had dropped, but the stations did not reply to inquiring transmissions. The Empire finally took action when Grand General Malcor Brashin found hard data confirming a Rebel takeover during a raid on a Rebel computer station on Ruul.


Brashin rushed to Sarapin with Commander Brenn Tantor, his trainee. Tantor led the Imperial forces on Sarapin's volcanic surface. After establishing a beachhead and weathering an initial Rebel attack, Tantor's forces quickly took a nearby energy collector. However, with the Rebels driven from it, the collector shut down. Brenn was forced to send his brother Dellis, a skilled slicer, to slice through the Rebel codes and restart the facility. The same procedure was required for the other four collectors in the area.

Once Tantor had taken all the collectors and destroyed the Rebel bases in the area, however, disaster struck. The Rebels had also captured a nearby drilling platform, of which they had lost control. The drill was overheating and causing seismic disturbances, one of which resulted in a volcanic eruption that destroyed one of the collectors Tantor had retaken.

Mobile artillery

An Imperial mobile artillery unit deploys to bombard the Rebel base on Sarapin.

Alerted to the threat, Brenn considered simply destroying the drill before Dellis convinced him that he could slice into the drill and shut it down, saving the Empire's investment, if Brenn could punch through the Alliance forces to get him there. Brenn obliged, retaking the drill and inserting Dellis to shut it down before groundquakes destroyed the vital energy collectors of Sarapin. He then followed up by bombarding the final Rebel position on Sarapin, removing the Rebel presence from Sarapin entirely.


At the battle's conclusion, Brashin promoted Brenn Tantor to Major after delivering the news of the Death Star's destruction at the hands of the Rebels.


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