"You saw what the Iron Fist did on Selaggis. It turned the whole colony into rubble."
Han Solo[2]

The Battle of Selaggis was the continuation of the military engagement begun at the Battle of Vahaba, and the last major engagement with Zsinj before the Battle of Dathomir.


The fleet under the command of General Han Solo and an Imperial interdictor under Admiral Teren Rogriss had attacked Zsinj at the Vahaba asteroid belt, damaging his flagship, Iron Fist. Zsinj jumped away from the battle, expecting to return to his own territory. Instead, sabotage by Gara Petothel caused him to exit hyperspace in the Selaggis system, with his hyperdrive disabled.

Petothel put out a HoloNet call to Solo directing him to Zsinj's location. Solo hesitated to resume the engagement until another call came in from the Halmad system--Zsinj was calling the Hawk-bats and any other pirates he could reach to reinforce his forces. Solo knew he had a genuine chance to destroy Zsinj.

The battle[]

Solo's fleet headed for Selaggis, but by the time they arrived, one of Zsinj's battle groups had rejoined him. Zsinj also brought in the decoy ship Second Death, hidden by an orbital nightcloak. After failing to destroy Solo's fighter squadrons in the asteroids of Selaggis VI, Zsinj sent his imitation "181st Imperial Fighter Wing" to distract Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron while he escaped.

By rigging asteroids with explosive charges, Zsinj slowed Mon Remonda long enough to enter Second Death's nightcloak. After Iron Fist entered hyperspace from within the nightcloak, Second Death detonated back into her constituent debris. Zsinj called Solo from a shuttle, and Solo believed he had finally destroyed Iron Fist.


In reality, Iron Fist headed for Rancor Base at Dathomir. Solo would still have to face him one last time.



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