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A battle occurred shortly after the Destruction of the Laakteen Depot, in which Darth Vader's newly-completed Star Dreadnought Executor fell under attack at the planet Skorrupon by a task force of Rebel capital ships. The Executor completely destroyed the Rebel ships en route to the Rebellion's base on Yavin 4. The only survivor was a Rebel scout ship.

The Millennium Falcon, fresh from their mission at Daluuj, hyperspaced out in the immediate aftermath of the battle. Luke briefly witnessed a Rebel scout ship nearby, although it disappeared immediately thereafter. The Rebel scout ship was later revealed to have belong to Vrad Dodonna, who was initially believed to have been killed during the battle. Vrad claimed that his ship ended up severely damaged, although Luke suspected that he actually dithered from battle, and then self-inflicted the damage to his ship to cover up his cowardice.

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