The Battle of Snevu was a battle during the Swarm War between the Killiks Colony and the Chiss Ascendancy.


The Iesei nest was based on Snevu and taking care of the Protectors, the Joiner Jedi Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Zekk, Tesar Sebatyne, Tahiri Veila, and Lowbacca, after their attack on Supply Depot Thrago. A Chiss task force emerged from hyperspace and attacked the planet.

The battle[]

The battle started with the Jedi taking their StealthX's to attack the Chiss task force, rapidly exhausting the Iesei nests supply of weapons. The battle cost the Chiss several capital ships while they bombarded the planet, destroying most of the Iesei nest, before they were in position to drop their parasite bomb on the planet. The weapon, rushed through production, failed to activate, and the Chiss were forced to make efforts to recover the weapon before the Jedi and Killiks could discover the weapon. The Chiss intensified their bombardment while they brought the Chiss assault cruiser into a lower orbit, launching a drop ship to deploy vape charges to the parasite bomb, Jagged Fel piloting the drop ship down.

The Jedi[]

The Iesei and Jedi advanced on the parasite bomb, the bombardment killing most of the Iesei that remained. The Jedi were divided as Luke Skywalker was calling all Jedi in the galaxy back to Ossus, Jacen arguing that the Jedi must leave Snevu immediately. The Jedi were swayed by Jacen, until UnuThul arrived with the newly captured Alliance Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar. UnuThul compelled the Joiner Jedi to dicover the truth of the parasite bomb.

In orbit, the Admiral Ackbar drove off the Chiss task force as the Jedi engaged the Chiss dropship's and soldiers. The dropship crashed near the weapon, the Jedi engaging the Chiss soldiers. The Chiss refused to surrender, forcing the Jedi to dismember or cripple the Chiss. The team leader, who could set the vape charges off, lost his arm to Jaina. Jacen turned over the crashed dropship to reveal Jagged Fel, who immediately activated the vape charges. Jacen pretended to be freeing Fel, but in-fact was assisting the Chiss in destroying the parasite weapon.


The surviving Chiss retreated into the desert, but the Killik nest was decimated. The Jedi split, Jaina and Zekk's distrust of Jacen allowing them to use that as an excuse not to heed Luke's call. Lowbacca, Tahiri and Tesar left with Jacen for Ossus. Jaina and Zekk headed to Tenupe with UnuThul to defend the heart of the Colony.