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The Battle of Solay was a series of battles originating in the Solay Civil War, which bled over into the Galactic Civil War as the despot King Blackart of Solay became affiliated with the Galactic Empire.


Blackart was opposed by a rebellious army led by a man called Raggold, who, unbeknownst to all parties, had made a deal with the Empire when he was a young man. He would lead the rebellion to victory on Solay, supported by Imperial funds, after which the Empire would step in and take direct control of the planet. The famous Rebel Alliance leader Luke Skywalker arrived on Solay shortly after the Battle of Endor, looking for potential recruits for the Alliance. He participated in the final battle of the Civil War, joining Raggold and Mary in the final push towards the royal palace. As the rebels entered Blackart's domain, Raggold shot and killed himself, upon realizing what his victory would ultimately entail. He had grown so attached to the people he led, that he decided to become a grim symbol of freedom, by dying before the battle was truly over.


Raggold's suicide was not immediately apparent, and the Solay resistance initially believed he had been assassinated by a traitor from their side. However, the infochant Braxas revealed holo footage of the suicide to Skywalker, in exchange for passage off the planet.


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