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This article is about a skirmish that took place soon before the Battle of Endor. You may be looking for the Siege of Svivren, a conflict of the Thrawn campaign.
"I have come for Dequc. The rest of you should leave. Now."
―Mara Jade[src]

The Battle of Svivren was a skirmish between the Galactic Empire, the Svivreni resistance and the Black Nebula taking place just before the Battle of Endor.


"Dequc is a Jeodu who is seeking to revive Black Sun. He calls his organization Black Nebula and is on Svivren to negotiate with small criminal cartels and arms dealers."

In 4 ABY, Dequc, a crime lord, wanted to negotiate with other scoundrels to create a new crime syndicate, the Black Nebula. At that time, the Galactic Empire had been unable to deal with crime and rebellion in the planet Svivren; Cevva Xuz, a criminal linked with the Rebel Alliance, thrived in Svivren with the Svivreni resistance. Dequc decided to visit Svivren and make operations there. However, Emperor Palpatine sent Mara Jade, one of the Emperor's Hands, to the planet Svivren with the specific goal of murdering Dequc,[1][4] as Dequc was more protected in his previous headquarters.[1]

The battleEdit

"I don't need your help and I don't want it. Stand back, I'm going in here."
―Mara Jade, to Captain Strok[src]
Dequc decoy executed

Mara Jade executes Dequc's decoy.

Jade contacted the local Imperial garrison, led by General Touno, and identified herself as an Imperial operative, requesting their help to apprehend Xuz. This was a feint, as she really intended to go after Dequc while the Imperials and the Rebels were fighting. Touno assigned several stormtroopers and Captain Strok (who was secretly an agent of the Black Nebula) to arrest Xuz. As Strok was in Dequc's payroll, he notified his real employer, and Dequc left, leaving behind a decoy. From the middle of the street, Strok asked for Xuz's surrender. Xuz's Rebel forces answered by firing against the stormtroopers. Meanwhile, Jade executed Dequc's decoy. The battle took the lives of several stormtroopers and civilians. Jade then piloted a ship and left Svivren. Strok had to leave the planet soon afterward.[1]


Although she thought her mission was successful, Mara Jade later discovered that her target was a decoy and Dequc was still alive. She eventually executed him several months later after the death of The Emperor, her master, at the Battle of Endor.[1]



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