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"Don't apologize. The fault is all mine. I should never have made the mistake of thinking Jedi had honor."
"Jagged, we—I—want you to know that I still love you. And I always will. But if you can eject, you should do it now."
―Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo[src]

The Battle of Tenupe was the final battle fought during the Swarm War.



The Chiss invaded the Killik world of Tenupe, landing thousands of troops on the planet's surface. The Killiks counterattacked by digging tunnels underneath the Chiss drop ships. Ground forces of Jooj and Rekkers, led by the Joiner Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, swarmed over the Chiss positions, supported by airborne squadrons of Qeeq and Aebea, led by Zekk. The Chiss were able to halt the Killik advance after retreating behind their shield generators and launching insecticide into the Killik lines. However, the Chiss were forced to withdraw once again after their shields were breached by the huge Kolosolok. The ground battle became a stalemate as the massive casualties sustained by the Killiks began to take their toll.

Orbital Battle[]

Chiss Plot[]

In orbit, the Killik Moon Swarm of Shard-class capital ships began to spring its trap to destroy the Chiss fleet. The Chiss were not as weak as they appeared, however, and were planning on introducing a parasite into the Killiks on the planet below, in an attempt to wipe out the Colony once and for all. Leia Organa Solo, a captive aboard one of the Chiss capital ships, was able to discover the plan and warn Jaina and the Killiks. The weapons were launched and a massive dogfight ensued, resulting in Jagged Fel being shot down, and most of the weapons were destroyed. Two of the parasite bombs landed on the planet, where Leia, Saba Sebatyne, and Alema Rar searched for them. Leia and Alema engaged in a lightsaber duel, ending with Alema being bitten almost in half by a giant spidersloth. Leia emerged victorious, though was unaware that Alema had actually survived. The bombs were destroyed before they could be detonated by the Chiss.

Galactic Alliance Assault[]

The battle was joined by a Galactic Alliance task force under Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, consisting of the Super Star Destroyer Megador, the Imperial I-class Star Destroyers Elegos A'Kla and Mon Mothma, and further Galactic Alliance starships.

The original intention for Grand Admiral Pellaeon's task force was to fully aid the Chiss in the complete destruction of the Killik fleet and to allow the Chiss to seed their parasite biological weapon of mass destruction among the Great Swarm to ensure that the Killiks would never return. However, Luke Skywalker convinced Pellaeon to be solely intent on retaking the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar, which was lost to the Killiks in the Battle of the Murgo Choke. Skywalker's rationale was that taking the Admiral Ackbar and neutralizing both Raynar Thul and Lomi Plo would be sufficient enough to end the Killik's fighting without the deployment of the Chiss superweapon, which would slaughter all of the Killiks, not only the fighting ones, and that without the full support of the Galactic Alliance fleet around the theatre of engagement, the Chiss would take heavier casualties, making them rely on the Galactic Alliance heavier in the years to come.

Luke Skywalker, leading a group of Bugcrunchers, infiltrated the Ackbar and attacked UnuThul. After successfully subduing UnuThul, Skywalker was ambushed by Lomi Plo. She tried to distract Skywalker by directing the Killiks to attack a hospital ship, but the Alliance had anticipated her tactics and the ship was empty. In the ensuing duel, Skywalker killed Lomi, ending the influence of the Dark Nest.



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