"The High Admiral will never expect us to strike so swiftly. We lose our element of surprise with each second of delay. It'll be a full-frontal attack with all weapons blazing. We'll knock him reeling!"
Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk[src]

The Battle of Teradoc's fortress was a skirmish in the Deep Core between the forces of Imperial warlords Harrsk and Teradoc. Ending with the intervention of Admiral Daala, the battle concluded the Imperial Civil War and directly led to the Imperial Reunification.


"Take Admiral Daala to one of my Star Destroyers. She will command our retaliatory strike against High Admiral Teradoc. If she refuses, you will execute her immediately for treason."
―Harrsk to his stormtroopers[src]

One year after her disastrous campaign against the New Republic, Admiral Natasi Daala was visiting the world of Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk when he was attacked by his rival, High Admiral Treuten Teradoc.


Admiral Daala.

The battle resulted in the destruction of Harrsk's flagship, the Shockwave and in the death of Daala's closest officer, Commander Kratas. The Admiral was furious for the death of her friend in a so futile fighting but Harrsk was only concerned by the loss of his ship. He ordered all his forced to attack Teradoc's fortress for revenge. Threatened with execution for mutiny, Admiral Daala was forced to lead the attack.

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"This is Admiral Daala, in command of the Imperial Star Destroyer Firestorm. I serve the Empire. I have always served the Empire, and I will never fire upon any other loyal Imperial. I have made a preemptive strike on Warlord Harrsk's Star Destroyer to prevent him from attacking another Imperial stronghold. Harrsk's attack is in direct response to hostile action taken by High Admiral Teradoc. I condemn that action as well. I can no longer tolerate wasted effort and squandered resources that could be better applied to destroying Rebel bases."
Admiral Daala[src]

Harrsk wanting to strike as soon as possible to surprise Teradoc, Admiral Daala didn't have the time required to organize a sophisticated battle plan. From the bridge of the Firestorm, she led Harrsk's remaining Imperial-class Star Destroyers in a frontal attack against Teradoc's stronghold. The base was hidden among the asteroids in the ring of a gas giant.

Upon entering the asteroid belt, Daala's Star Destroyers were trapped by proximity mines that quickly destroyed two destroyers and severely damaged another. Teradoc Victory-class Star Destroyers soon emerged from the neighboring asteroids that were in fact garrisons and attacked the Imperial-class Star Destroyers.


Vice Admiral Pellaeon.

Surrounded by the Crimson Command, Daala, however, ordered to ignorer them. She personally took command of her ship's weapon systems and fired a concentrated ion bolt at Harrsk's destroyer, the Whirlwind, paralyzing it and preventing Harrsk from continuing his assault against Teradoc. With a blaster aimed at a shocked and angry bridge crew, Daala pulled the Firestorm closer to the Whirlwind and activated the time-delayed self destruct system of the Firestorm. Daala told Harrsk that she would destroy her ship and his if he did not order a cessation of hostilities, wishing to force the two warlords to cooperate. As the countdown continued, Daala was contacted by the head of the Crimson Command, Vice Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, who desired to speak to Daala in person. Daala accepted and allowed Pellaeon onto her ship. Shortly after, Harrsk ordered a cessation of hostilities, as he was convinced that Daala was not bluffing.


"I didn't want to rule. I had no intention of becoming a political leader—but you have given me no choice. I cannot leave the Empire in the hands of fools like you."
―Natasi Daala to other Imperial warlords at Tsoss Beacon[src]

The Firestorm, escorted by two of Pellaeon's red Star Destroyers, jumped to a secluded spot in space so that Daala and Pellaeon could have an uninterrupted discussion. Like Daala, Pellaeon believed that the warlords were tearing the Empire apart, and he and Daala agreed to force the 13 most powerful warlords to a negotiating table in order to discuss the future of the Empire. They finally were able to get the warlords to congregate at Tsoss Beacon. Though she attempted to motivate the Imperial warlords to fight together and crush the New Republic, they spent hours arguing instead, refusing to agree on anything. After hours of petty squabbling, Daala decided that the negotiations were a failure and she executed the warlords by sealing the room and filling the chamber with gas

With the warlords out of the way, Daala set about uniting their now-leaderless Imperial forces. Daala visited the fortress of warlord Delvardus and his second-in-command, Colonel Cronus, agreed to join Daala, handing her control of Delvardus' Super Star Destroyer, the Night Hammer. With the Night Hammer under her command, Daala quickly rallied the scattered remnants of the Empire under herself and Pellaeon as to prepare a full-on assault against the New Republic.

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The Essential Atlas identified Teradoc's capital world as Hakassi.



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