"The battle... did not go well for us that day."

The Battle of Teyr was a battle fought on Teyr during the early stages of the Clone Wars.


When the call came for Jedi Knights and Masters to serve as Generals in the Grand Army of the Republic, Master K'Kruhk obeyed, taking command of the 416th Star Corps. On Teyr, their target was a Trade Federation battleship that had made a hard landing, and was serving as a Separatist bunker.

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"We can achieve the objective, General. We need to press on."
Clone trooper to General K'Kruhk at the Battle of Teyr[src]

Jedi Master K'Kruhk leads his troops into battle.

K'Kruhk led his forces through the Great Canyon, only to have many of his men shredded to pieces by spider droids. K'Kruhk's battalion made it to the lip of the canyon, and made a final assault. K'Kruhk led his troops from the front, but knew the Separatists had the advantage in numbers. He ordered his clones to fall back, but they assured him they could achieve victory. K'Kruhk was unprepared to send so many men to their deaths, though the clones knew this is what they had been bred for; to fight and die in battle. With a weary heart, K'Kruhk pressed the attack, and though the battleship was destroyed, only the Jedi General, CRC-09/571, and several clone troopers appeared to have survived the battle.


K'Kruhk was shell-shocked by his ordeal, and fled Teyr without informing the Jedi Council of his survival. Believing that the war was destroying the very foundations of the Jedi Code, he came to join the Jedi dissidents on Ruul.



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