"Hold tight, Ewoks!"
―Chief Chirpa[src]

The Battle of Thorn Forest was the final battle of the Stranger War resulting in the permanent banishment of the Wizards of the Night Spirit from the forest moon of Endor.

Build upEdit

"The dark side of the Sunstar will open a doorway to my world and let the rest of my kind through."

The Stranger brings two moons of Endor into alignment with the Sunstar, opening a portal in space.

Following the Battle of Bright Tree Village, the Ewok warriors had been tricked into thinking that the Duloks were responsible for stealing the Sunstar. While the true thief, the Stranger, made his way to the Stone Circle in Thorn forest, Chief Chirpa led his forces to the Dulok swamp. However, the Stranger had not tricked all the Ewoks, and the Ewok children, Wicket Wystri Warrick, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo, and Latara followed the Stranger as he left Bright Tree Village with the Sunstar. The children made their way to thorn forest, but they were soon attacked by a glop monster sent by the Stranger to keep them from disrupting a ritual that he was about to perform.

Using the Stone Circle in tandem with the Sunstar, the Stranger brought two of the moons of Endor into alignment, opening a portal in space. The doorway led directly to his race's prison on the otherworld where they were ready to leave. Now free from their confines, the Wizards of the Night Spirit flooded through the hole in space, ready to attack the Ewoks for banishing them to the otherworld so many years ago. Unfortunately for the wizards' plans, the glop monster had only managed to slow down the young Ewoks. After defeating the glop monster, the Ewoks entered the Stone Circle, and Wicket and Kneesaa pounced on the unsuspecting Stranger. However, the only thing they managed to do was strip off his hood and reveal his menacing visage. As the wizards poured down onto the forest moon, they came to their leader's rescue, preparing to destroy Wicket and Kneesaa.


"Destroy the Ewoks!"

A Wizard of the Night Spirit about to be roped by Chief Chirpa.

Luckily for the young Ewoks, it seemed that Chirpa had realized that the Duloks were without the Sunstar, and his force left the swamps to enter the Thorn Forest. Seeing the Ewok children in trouble, the warriors charged into the Stone Circle, to meet the Wizards in battle. While the Ewoks battered the Wizards with staffs and potions, Wicket and Kneesaa engaged the Stranger in a deadly struggle, trying to stop his manipulation of the Sunstar. Wicket was eventually able to grab onto the Stranger's wings and hold him to the ground while Kneesaa freed herself and ran to the Sunstar. Using her grappling hook, Kneesaa was able to hook the Sunstar and reverse the effect it was having on the Endorian moons. The moons began to separate from each other, and instead of drawing the Wizards down to the moon, it began to force them away, back through the portal. As the strong wind forced the Wizards off of the moon, it also threatened to carry the Ewoks with them.

However, Chirpa ordered his forces to stand down and cling to anything they could get their hands on. The Ewoks quickly obeyed and it seemed that only the Wizards would be carried off-world. However, the Stranger had one last desperation move to bring some kind of victory to the Wizards' defeat, and he tried to carry Wicket away with him. Luckily for the Ewoks, Kneesaa was there to save the day again, rescuing Wicket from the Stranger by tying the wizard's hands with Wicket's belt of honor. With a final cry of frustration, the Stranger was cast far into space and through the portal just as it closed with a brilliant flash of light.



A wizard about to be hit by a potion from Teebo.

"Yes, the Stranger's gone forever!"
―Kneesaa upon the departure of the Dark Wizards of the Night Spirit[src]

With the battle won, the Ewoks triumphantly returned to the village. Chief Chirpa awarded the Ewok children with Beads of Bravery for their heroic service during the battle. The Stranger War had finished, and if Kneesaa was to be believed, the Ewoks would never see the formidable wizards again.


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