"Well, that sure complicates things, Commander."
"No worse than that time on Tibrin."
"We had Jedi with us on Tibrin. They helped."
―Commander Cody and Captain Rex[src]

The Battle of Tibrin of 22 BBY was a failed Galactic Republic attempt to oust the Confederacy of Independent Systems' military presence from the planet Tibrin during the Clone Wars. The native Ishi Tib populace had previously welcomed the arrival of Separatist leader Count Dooku and his cadre of Dark Acolytes, who executed Suribran Tu—the planet's unpopular, pro-Republic premier—and overthrew his totalitarian regime. Consequently, the Ishi Tib aided the Confederacy when Jedi and clone troopers from the Grand Army of the Republic came to retake Tibrin. The result was a catastrophic Republic defeat, with Tibrin retaining its Separatist ties. Many of the clone soldiers who survived the battle, including Commander Gree of the 41st Elite Corps, adopted a hairstyle called the double stripe to honor their fallen comrades.


"Sora Bulq. Take charge of the local government until a new one is in place. Kill everyone in Tu's inner circle—generals, politicians, family. Kadrian Sey. You and Tol Skorr clear away the body. Let the populace see that he's dead. Mount his head somewhere highly visible."
―Dooku issues orders to his Dark Acolytes following his murder of Suribran Tu[src]

The Ishi Tib laud Dooku's execution of Suribran Tu.

Since the outbreak of the Clone Wars in the year 22 BBY,[5] the native Ishi Tib inhabitants of the Mid Rim planet Tibrin clamored to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[6] Yet the planet's dictatorial premier,[7] Suribran Tu, retained the support of the Galactic Republic, even though his administration oppressed the will of the people and was marred by corrupt practices, such as strong-arm tactics and political assassinations.[6]

When Separatist leader Count Dooku came to negotiate for the rights to use Tibrin as a base,[6] he was unimpressed with Tu's willingness to become a Separatist-loyal planetary ruler simply as a means of preserving his own position and power. Seeing no benefit to further deliberations, Dooku beheaded Tu with his lightsaber and had the ex-dictator's head publicly displayed for the citizenry to see. Dooku also installed one of his Dark Acolytes, Sora Bulq,[8] as Tibrin's provisional governor,[6] with orders to purge Tu's inner circle—everyone from military and political officers to his family. The Ishi Tib population, grateful to be free of Tu and the Republic, extolled Dooku as a liberator and eagerly joined the Confederacy, inciting a revolution on their world.[8]

The battle[]

Commander Gree was one of many Tibrin survivors to wear the double stripe.

Unwilling to let the Confederacy's influence on Tibrin go unchallenged, the Republic sent clone trooper forces from the Grand Army of the Republic,[1] under the command of Jedi officers,[3] to uproot Dooku's military presence on Tibrin. Commander Gree of the 41st Elite Corps,[1] Marshal Commander Cody of the 212th Attack Battalion, and Captain Rex of the 501st Legion were among the Grand Army's troop leadership.[3] However, the Ishi Tib resisted the Republic's attempts to meddle in their homeworld's affairs. The campaign ended in a crushing defeat for the Republic forces, with many clone soldiers perishing in the battle.[1]


The Battle of Tibrin, as the grisly campaign came to be known, resulted in the Ishi Tib preserving their loyalty to the Confederacy.[1] Though they continued to send a representative to the Republic Senate[9] in the form of Senator Gume Saam, he held clandestine connections to the Separatists and the Techno Union, becoming involved in a war-profiteering plot to thwart a peace initiative between the Republic and the Separatist Parliament.[10] To honor the comrades they lost at Tibrin, Commander Gree and many other clone survivors of the battle adopted a red-colored buzz cut that became known as the double stripe.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Tibrin was first mentioned in James Luceno's 2005 novel Labyrinth of Evil as one of the many Clone Wars campaigns in which Commander Cody was involved.[2] It was also referenced in the 20082009 first season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series: The episode "Rookies" gave it a passing mention in dialogue between Cody and Captain Rex,[3] while the Decoded re-airing of another episode, "Cloak of Darkness," indicated the involvement of Commander Gree as well as the origin of the double stripe hairstyle.[4] However, not until the 2014 publication of The Official Star Wars Fact File Part 32 was the battle explicitly connected to the events of the 2003 comic Jedi: Count Dooku,[1] which depicted Dooku's assassination of Tibrin dictator Suribran Tu.[8] The Official Star Wars Fact File also provided a date and title for the battle.[1]



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