This article is about the battle during the Great Sith War. You may be looking for the Battle of Toprawa during the Galactic Civil War.

The Battle of Toprawa was fought during the Great Sith War.

The battleEdit

"...and I've always said, if Exar Kun had artillery at Toprawa, your Jedi Chancellor would be sporting yellow eyes today."
Jarrow Rusher to Kerra Holt[src]

The battle was bloody, but resulted in the victory of Jedi forces under command of Barrison Draay. However, soon after the battle's end Barrison and several other Jedi were killed in the ambush as a result of betrayal by Haazen and manipulations of Sith minion Dossa.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The date of Barrison Draay's death is given indirectly in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #9; It can be calculated via simple math applied to numbers provided in the issue: 3,963 (The events of this story take place approximately 3,963 BBY) + 30 (Coruscant, the Draay estate. Thirty years ago) + 4 (It's been four years since your loss)=3,997 BBY.

However, in issue #33, Dossa tells Haazen that "Exar Kun's pulling back, maybe to Yavin," a statement that would make more sense if the battle took place in 3,996 BBY.

When asked about the dating discrepancy, John Jackson Miller said that "Toprawa is one of the later acts in the war, but it could still be in 3997."[3]



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