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"Commander Buzk sends his regards."
Boba Fett before murdering Torino Kyber[1]

The Battle of Troska was between the Galactic Empire and the forces of the Kyber Royal Family.


Many important oil refining plants lay on Troska, and tax rates on the oil were frequently disputed by the Imperials and King Natas Kyber. During a dispute between Imperial Commander Buzk and Prince Torino Kyber over the latest in a series of fuel blockades, Lieutenant Manech secretly hired the bounty hunter Boba Fett to deal with the planet's rebellious Royal Family.

The battle[]

Boba Fett raided Refinery Six-Two-Two and destroyed much of the complex and defense. Fett pinned down the Prince of Troska, Torino Kyber, in the ruins of the complex. The prince was killed. Upon finding out about Manech's deal with Fett, Commander Buzk scrambled TIE fighters in an attempt to make it to the Kyber Palace before Fett did, but he was too late. Boba Fett made it to the palace, where the King offered Fett a large bribe in exchange for his life. Boba Fett fled on his swoop bike as Imperial forces moved towards the Palace. Turbolasers opened fire on the incoming forces, destroying many RTTs. TIE squadrons flew in and opened fire on the palace, destroying the defenses. The Imperial forces took Kyber captive to interrogate him, and the deposition was a success.


After the battle, the Galactic Empire assumed control of the planet and its refineries. Due to his part in the battle, Manech was promoted to Sector Commander.


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