"We controlled both ground and air superiority, or so we thought. Their speed, by the Force, their speed…the Hammers destroyed everything we threw at them, overrunning our forward positions, we had no choice but a tactical withdrawal."
―Alliance Commander Torv Keist, during an Alliance Intelligence debriefing of the battle[src]

The Battle of Turak IV, also known as the Turak IV Campaign, was the site of the worst defeat that the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit (Hell's Hammers) ever suffered at the hands of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.

During a siege on Turak IV, the 112th was cut off from their supply lines by a Rebel ambush team known as the Hitak Harriers. The Harriers were able to eliminate almost all of the Hammers' repulsortanks, but in the process lost a large amount of troops and equipment themselves. Most Imperial supporters would come to consider the campaign on Turak IV a success, due to the large amount of damage done to the Alliance. Despite being decimated by Alliance forces, the 112th would be reassessed by the Empire and given new funding and material, including the new Imperial Repulsortank 1-H.

A battle within the battle took place, as retrieval teams on both sides clashed over retrieving the damages, but still operational, repulsortank Hammer 4:3.[5]

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