"The Riflemen had a formidable reputation in Parmel and Sarin Sectors before Turcan III; now they were legendary."
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The Battle of Turcan III was a battle of the Galactic Civil War fought on Turcan III. Despite being an Imperial victory, the battle brought Churhee's Riflemen galaxywide fame as heroes of the Rebellion.


During their early years, Churhee's Riflemen regularly accepted missions from the Galactic Empire in the Parmel and Sarin sectors.[4]

That changed after a mission on Y'Trella, where the group found itself pinned down by the enemy and abandoned by the Imperial forces that had promised to provide backup. Almost all the Riflemen perished, and their founder, Vlaydm Churhee, was among the dead.[4]

After the debacle on Y'Trella, the survivors regrouped on Turcan III under the leadership of Vlaydm's widow, Maydla Churhee.[4] In the months that followed, Maydla Churhee rebuilt the unit, this time as a fiercely anti-Imperial organization. Thereafter, Churhee's Riflemen took anti-Imperial contracts only, and allied themselves with the Rebel Alliance.[1] Because of the high quality of marksmanship among their members, the Riflemen became a real thorn in the side of the Empire, particularly in the Parmel sector.[5]

The battleEdit

During several weeks, Churhee's Riflemen helped local Alliance ground forces on Turcan III to fight the Empire. The Riflemen became such an irritant to the Empire that Parmel sector's Moff Tallis eventually dedicated a whole Naval line to support the Imperial battlegroup already present on the planet.[1]

With these additional resources, the Empire launched a full-scale military assault on Turcan III. More than half of the Riflemen died while fighting a rear-guard delaying action, which gave the Rebels enough time to evacuate the planet.[4] Contrarily to what had happened on Y'Trella, the surviving Riflemen were evacuated by the Alliance, in the last transport going offworld.[1]


Despite the Imperial victory, Churhee's Riflemen were celebrated as heroes of the Rebellion.[4] The Riflemen already had a formidable reputation in the Parmel and Sarin sectors, but they were now legendary. Their actions during the Battle of Turcan III brought the group galaxywide fame and their ranks were quickly replenished.[1]

Thereafter, the Rebel Alliance, and later the New Republic, kept Churhee's Riflemen busy with lucrative, exclusive assignments, in part so that they could exploit the propaganda value of having the Riflemen among their ranks.[4]


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