The Battle of Tusken's Eye was a battle preceding the Swarm War, fought at the gas giant Tusken's Eye between the pirate forces allied with the Dark Nest and the DR919a crewed by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Jae Juun, Tarfang, C-3PO and R2-D2.

Upon entering the area, it was discovered that the Colony under the control of the Dark Nest had constructed fifteen massive nest ships in order to pursue further hostilities with the Chiss. The crew of the small freighter attempted to approach the Dark Nest's ship in order to board it. To accomplish this Luke Skywalker employed a Force illusion to mask the freighter from detection. The illusion enabled the freighter to move towards the nest ship while the pirates fired randomly to try and score a hit on the intruders. The DR919a was destroyed however, crashing into the hull of the nest ship after a collision with one of the pirate vessels caused a hull breach and serious system failures. The infiltration of the nest ship was accomplished by means of escape pod and soon after the fifteen nest ships made the jump to hyperspace to the Murgo Choke.

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