"The Despot Army was defeated at Kaleth, the Temple of Knowledge. Queen Hadiya was slain. But every victory comes at a cost. Many Je'daii warriors fell in that battle. Many more of the Despot's Army died."

The Battle of Tython was the final battle of the Despot War which was waged by Despot Queen Hadiya against the Je'daii Order in 25,805 BBY.


Believing that the Je'daii were a fraudulent organization keeping a thumb over the lives of the citizens of the Settled Worlds, Hadiya of Shikaakwa led a war of conquest which sought to unite the worlds of the Tython system against the Je'daii Order on Tython itself. Amassing a huge army, Hadiya led her forces in battle against the Je'daii on Tython. While possessing great numbers, the Despot army could not withstand the Je'daii's mastery over the Force.[2] During the fighting, Pho-V fighter were used against the Je'daii and many were shot down over the moons Ashla and Bogan.[5]

When the fighting came to Kaleth, the Je'daii Temple of Knowledge, Hadiya and one of her top generals, the fallen Je'daii Daegen Lok led from the front line and slew many Je'daii warriors.[3] Crossing blades with a pair of Human Je'daii, Hadiya killed them in battle.[4] During the campaign, Hadiya was deep in sleep when her lover and alleged ally, Daegen Lok, revealed himself to be a Je'daii mole. Using the Force, Lok assassinated his queen and the fighting ended as Hadiya's factions broke into a scramble for power.[3] By the end of the conflict, Kaleth had sustained structural damage to one of its towers and many Je'daii had died.[2]

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