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"Hmm... I guess I am happy...now that the Navy has arrived."
Saesee Tiin[1]

The Battle of Uhanayih concluded the Yinchorri Uprising of 33 BBY.


Having survived a vicious battle on the Yinchorri homeworld of Yinchorr, the surviving Jedi located the hidden Yinchorri high command on the lifeless planet Uhanayih. Knowing that their mission had to be accomplished despite having lost friends, the Jedi traveled to Uhanayih on their last remaining Consular-class cruiser. Meanwhile on Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum managed to persuade the Galactic Senate to send four Navy attack groups to deal with the Yinchorr and to place a blockade the Yinchorri system though he had to make several promises to them.

The battle[]

Battle of Uhanayih2

The Republic Navy arrives.

Eventually, the Jedi arrived at Uhanayih. However, they were met by a massive Yinchorri fleet and soon under attack. Luckily for the Jedi, help came in the form of a Republic Navy fleet consisting of Republic light assault cruisers and armed Corellian Star Shuttles. Soon, much of the Yinchorri fleet had been destroyed or immobilized, allowing the Jedi to make their way to Uhanayih.

Mace Windu then ordered Qui-Gon Jinn to contact the Admiral in charge of the Republic forces and request for an escort for their trip to the Yinchorri high command. Thus, the Jedi cruiser approached the moon with the escort and entered a huge tunnel which led to the Yinchorri base.

Having arrived and seeing no place to land, the Jedi cruiser crash-landed into the high command's war room before the defending Yinchorri could close its blast shutters. Meanwhile, in the war room, one of the Yinchorri remarked to his companion that the Devaronian Vilmarh Grahrk had assured that the Republic would not intervene. His friend then replied that Vilmarh and his men had fled and then ordered the blast shutters to be shut. However, it was too late.

The cruiser wrecked the war room, causing heavy damage to the Yinchorri. The commander would then beg the victorious Jedi not to kill them. Mace Windu then replied by remarking that those Yinchorri were responsible for the chaos and then asked Adi Gallia about what Master Oppo Rancisis said about the philosophy of "might makes right". Gallia replied by telling him that that philosophy is "often recanted" upon encountering a more powerful foe.



The Yinchorri surrender.

Following the Yinchorri surrender, a quarantine was placed on the Yinchorri system and a heavy Republic presence was installed. This would affect the system and the Yinchorri species in the years to come.

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