"Then you think the Anakin Solo is going to survive this?"
"It's too early to know for certain—but I'll share a secret with you. It really doesn't matter. We've already won."
"That's good to hear, my lord."
"It's unwise to doubt me, Sergeant. We have won. I've seen it.
GAG Sergeant and Darth Caedus[1]

The Battle of Uroro Station was the final battle in the Second Galactic Civil War. During the battle, Jaina Solo dueled and killed her brother, Darth Caedus, and Luke Skywalker convinced the Imperial Remnant to join the Jedi Coalition under the leadership of Jagged Fel. The Confederation was forced to surrender, and the war was ended.


After seeing the blood trail Darth Caedus left on Jaina during the Second Battle of Roche, Luke Skywalker lead the remaining Jedi back to their secret base on Shedu Maad to prepare for Caedus's invasion. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker escaped from Galactic Alliance Guard custody and arrived with Tenel Ka Djo and the Hapan Home Fleet to protect the Jedi stronghold.[1]

Skywalker planned to use the blood trail to set a trap for Caedus. Caedus's fleets would follow Jaina through a narrow channel in the Transitory Mists called the Throat. The Jedi would then launch an attack on the Anakin Solo and retrieve the captured Isolder and the Home Fleet would ambush the Galactic Alliance forces. While all of this happened Jaina would hunt down and confront her brother a second time. Skywalker and the other Jedi Masters waited on Uroro Station with the Coalition force preparing for Caedus's arrival.[1]

The battle[]

"My sister has boarded the Anakin Solo. I need you to organize a search."
―Darth Caedus to a GAG sergeant[1]

Caedus's combined fleet of Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant ships entered the system about twelve hours later. Jaina tried to lure the fleet toward the Hapans, but they were fired on by the Megador's long-range turbolasers. Skywalker then gave the command for all Jedi forces to launch. Caedus's fleet still didn't enter the Throat, instead slowly approaching as they launched their starfighters to engage the blastboats and Owools. Uroro Station was evacuated as fleet came within firing range. The Megador later began attacking the Station and the rest of the fleet fired heavily down the Throat, taking out many fighters. As the Alliance fleet stayed back, the Imperials went down the channel and the Hapans sprang their ambush. The Jedi in StealthXs then initiated a massive shadow bomb strike that nearly destroyed the Anakin Solo´s bridge. The raid failed to kill Caedus, and Luke Skywalker's wing of StealthXs had to abort their mission to save Isolder after taking too many casualties. It was now up to Jaina to kill Caedus and retrieve the Prince. After taking heavy damage Jaina ejected from her StealthX and boarded the Anakin Solo in the hole her fighter had made.[1]

Unrest on the Anakin Solo[]

"There will be no nanoattack against the Dragon Queen or any other vessel. Is that clear?"
―Darth Caedus to the Moff Council[1]
TenelKaDjo Conviction

Tenel Ka Djo, the target of the nanovirus

Although his flagship had just been badly damaged, Caedus was extremely confident of victory. He even ignored the alarms blaring on the bridge, staring at a vision of his daughter Allana as a grown woman at a party in front of his throne. He was shaken out of his vision as his Sith apprentice Tahiri Veila lead him to a meeting with the Moff Council. During the meeting, one Moff, Drikl Lecersen, suggested making a nanovirus to cripple the command structure aboard the Dragon Queen. He would have agreed, but in his battle meditation he sensed Allana aboard. He thus demanded that no such nanokiller be made. Although the Moffs agreed, Caedus did not believe them.

After sending Veila to follow the transports that left Uroro Station to the Jedi base, Caedus confronted Isolder and tried to convince him to leave so the Moffs could not create a nanovirus from his blood. However, Isolder refused to trust Caedus and Caedus, knowing he couldn not convince him otherwise, snapped his neck, killing him. Meanwhile, Jaina evaded the security forces searching for her and managed to find Mirta Gev in the infirmary. After a few words, Jaina gave her a blaster before she left and found her brother in the bio-disposal pit trying to incinerate Isolder's body. However, Caedus noticed from the marks on Isolder's arm that the Moffs had indeed betrayed him and already developed the nanokiller for Djo. He then commed his aide, Orlopp, and learned that Imperials were already on their way to deliver it to the Dragon Queen.

Caedus' last stand[]

"Jaina, listen to me. You need to get out of my way. I'm trying to save Tenel Ka and Allana."
"Sure you are. Just like you saved Isolder."
"Isolder would've made the same choice. In fact, he did. Jaina, we don't have time for this."
"So die already.
―Darth Caedus and Jaina Solo's final words to each other, moments before the former's death[1]

Caedus decided to stop the nanokiller attack himself, but before he could leave, Jaina intercepted him and stabbed him under the ribs with her lightsaber.[1] Caedus immediately slammed her into a nearby wall with the Force and attacked her even with a hole in his chest. Caedus continued to fight due to his extreme resistance to pain, but eventually deactivated his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. He begged his sister to stop the fight so he could save his lover and child, but Jaina refused to believe him and charged. Caedus simply threw her toward the incinerator, but Jaina managed to pull herself away from the flames.

As Caedus again tried to leave, Jaina shut the door on him and resumed her attack. The duel continued until both made their final strikes. Caedus slashed through Jaina's ribs and stomach while she sliced his Achilles tendon. With his foot disabled, and having earlier lost an arm while fighting Jaina at the Second Battle of Roche, Caedus knew he was doomed as Jaina moved in for the kill. Although she left herself open to a counterstrike, offering Caedus the opportunity to take her down with him, he instead used his final moments to send his thoughts to Djo to take Allana away from the danger coming her way. He could not finish his message as Jaina's blade reached his heart, just as she realized his true intentions. Jaina then sat on the floor, holding her brother's head in her lap.[1]

Attack on the Jedi base[]

"We've had reports of a female Jedi penetrating our perimeter with a squad of Elite Guard Stormtroopers."
―General Livette to Ben Skywalker[1]

As Ben Skywalker prepared to hold out with the Hapans on Shedu Maad's surface, word reached of a nanoattack aboard the Dragon Queen. Ben, and Taryn left the command center with a dozen Hapan commandos to engage Caedus's Sith apprentice Tahiri, who intended to destroy the Jedi base with a baradium warhead. The commandos and Taryn charged the Imperials as Ben distracted Tahiri. After seeing the attack had complicated her plans, Tahiri launched herself into a shaft pulling the warhead down with her. Ben quickly jumped in after her and they dueled as they fell down the sinkhole. Tahiri had the chance to kill him but seemed slow and hesitant. Ben noticed that she executed foolish attacks that left her vulnerable as if she didn't want to survive. When they landed, Ben fell hard into the water as Tahiri landed and started to activate the warhead. Ben then convinced her she was not a true Sith and to turn herself in to the Jedi Order while Hapans secured the area.[1]

Storming the Anakin Solo[]

"As I'm sure you've heard by now, Darth Caedus is dead."
―Luke Skywalker to the Moff Council[1]

The ground assault had failed, and even though the Megador had trapped the Hapans earlier, the Home fleet managed to break free. The battle had clearly turned in favor of the Jedi Coalition. Luke Skywalker then led another StealthX raid on the Anakin Solo, this time storming the main hangar. The StealthX wing entered the hangar followed by the Millennium Falcon and destroyed the heavy weapon defenses. The StealthXs landed and 12 Jedi Masters followed by 50 Jedi Knights neutralized most of the GAG troopers on board before they finally surrendered. Jag found Jaina and her parents took her to a Battle Dragon to heal with Cilghal. Now that the battle was almost won and the ship was secured, the Jedi went to talk to the Moffs.[1]


After an encounter with the last Elite Guards protecting the Moffs, Luke informed them that Caedus was dead. He then offered them the choice of becoming Hapan prisoners of war or joining the Jedi Coalition under the leadership of Jagged Fel. The combined strength of the Galactic Alliance, Jedi, and Imperials would force the Confederation to surrender. The Moffs were glad to have that alternative, and Jagged Fel accepted knowing that taking Pellaeon's place would end the war. Han Solo was not as happy about the outcome, but he and Tenel Ka convinced Fel to start an Imperial Mission. This was in honor of Tenel Ka's dead daughter Allana, who was truly alive and given a new identity so she could live safely and without fear of Nobles hunting her.[1]

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The Battle of Shedu Maad is the climax of the novel Legacy of the Force: Invincible by Troy Denning. The effect the battle had on the rest of the galaxy was shown in the Fate of the Jedi novel Fate of the Jedi: Outcast.[2]



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