The Battle of Vahaba was an engagement between the temporarily allied forces of the New Republic and Teren Rogriss Imperial remnant against the forces of Warlord Zsinj.


General Han Solo led Zsinj with a series of false clues to make the Warlord believe he could destroy Solo in the Vahaba asteroid belt. He waited in the asteroids to ambush Zsinj, with most of his fleet ready to strike at Iron Fist.

The battle[]

Zsinj was unaware of Solo's deception, partly due to disinformation planted by Gara Petothel. He brought most of his fleet into the asteroids, and was trapped by an interdictor—the New Republic didn't have any interdictors free for the engagement, but Solo had entered into a limited alliance with Imperial Admiral Teren Rogriss. The interdictor was defended by the New Republic Star Destroyers Crynyd and Skyhook. Solo attacked Zsinj's flagship with Mon Remonda and most of his starfighters. In order to allow his escape, Zsinj dispatched the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Red Gauntlet and the Victory-class Star Destroyer Serpent's Smile to drive the interdictor away. Serpent's Smile took heavy fire, and Zsinj ordered the crew to lock their course toward Stellar Web. Admiral Rogriss, commanding Stellar Web, didn't flinch until the last second. When it was almost too late to avoid the impending collision, Stellar Web reversed her gravity well projectors to repel the ramming Star Destroyer. Zsinj immediately took the chance to escape.


Solo sent a crew over to secure the Red Gauntlet after its commander surrendered following the retreat of the Iron Fist. Serpent's Smile had been destroyed. Rogriss contacted Solo shortly thereafter, then left the system while Solo's forces began recover operations and Solo steeled himself for more months of chasing Zsinj's tail. However, Gara Petothel had her R2 unit delete the Selaggis system from the databanks on Iron Fist, and the warship dropped out of hyperspace there. The Battle of Selaggis commenced shortly thereafter.



Notes and references[]

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