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"Lord Jabba's sources inform him that Wat Tambor is now on Xagobah. He has taken refuge in his fortress there. Republic troops have laid siege to his hideout, using a clone army led by a Jedi Master named Glynn-Beti."
Bib Fortuna, to Boba Fett[src]

The Battle of Xagobah was a major battle during the Clone Wars which took place sixteen months after the Battle of Geonosis, in 21 BBY, and lasted on until the onset of the Outer Rim Sieges. It occurred concurrently with Boba Fett's assassination attempt on Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor.



"The marshaling of our other forces on the Outer Rim—at Xagobah, Siskeen, Clak'dor VII, and Sluis Van—is also near completion. The war will soon be decided."
Count Dooku[src]

After retreating from a Republic offensive in the Core and Colonies, the Confederacy of Independent Systems began marshaling the majority of its fleet at its strongholds in the Outer Rim Territories in an attempt to draw in the Republic. Xagobah was one of these fortress worlds, serving as the retreat of Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor and the location of his Mazariyan citadel.

Eager to capture Tambor, the Republic sent a force led by Jedi Master Glynn-Beti to lay siege to Xagobah. Unbeknownst to the Republic, a high-ranking Senate official had placed bounties on the heads of leaders of the Separatists, and Wat Tambor had become the target of the young bounty hunter Boba Fett. The Republic positioned an Acclamator-class assault ship to coordinate the battle from high orbit, while Glynn-Beti and her Padawan Ulu Ulix led the ground assault and starfighter ace Anakin Skywalker provided air support.

The battle[]

The Battle of Xagobah

After an initial assault, legions of clone troopers, walkers, LAAT/is, and starfighters surrounded the fortress and bombarded it from dug-in positions, while a battle droid army marched from the nearby devastated city to break the siege. In an attempt to eliminate the Republic's air support, Wat Tambor programmed a drone ship to ram the assault ship in orbit. Anticipating such a move, Ulu Ulix took a swoop and raced toward the ramship, but he was shot down by enemy fire. Boba Fett intercepted the falling Ulu and saved the young Jedi's life, bringing him back to Glynn-Beti.

As Boba Fett drew closer to the citadel walls, Tambor's forces staged a counterattack, and thousands of battle droids and droidekas streamed out of Mazariyan to meet the clone army. At this point, Anakin Skywalker led a squadron of Jedi interceptors in a strike against the fortress, managing to blow a large hole in the structure. A Hailfire droid fired a volley of missiles at Anakin's starfighter, but the experienced pilot was able to evade the missiles and cause them to impact the ramship, triggering its detonation. The energy pulse from the explosion temporarily scrambled the battle droids' circuits, allowing Boba Fett to infiltrate the Mazariyan citadel through the hole carved by Republic fire.

While the battle continued outside, Boba Fett confronted and attempted to assassinate Wat Tambor, but the Techno Union Foreman was able to escape thanks to the help of General Grievous, who had arrived on Xagobah with Confederate reinforcements. Despite being only 12 years old, the young bounty hunter managed to put up a fight, and narrowly escaped with his life. As Boba Fett left in Slave I he was attacked by Asajj Ventress. Slave I was severely damaged, but repaired by Anakin Skywalker on a nearby asteroid. After this departure, the Siege of Xagobah dragged on for several months, but eventually the Confederacy was forced to surrender the world to the Republic.



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