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"I'll give you those five minutes before I destroy your ship."
Booster Terrik to Captain Joak Drysso[src]

A battle occurred at Yag'Dhul during the Bacta War between Rogue Squadron and the Imperial forces of Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, launched by the Rogues simultaneously with the Battle of Thyferra, which ultimately brought an end to the Bacta War.

Rogue leaders Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu sought to directly confront Isard's superior forces on Thyferra. Having exposed Talon Karrde's employee, Melina Carniss, as a spy for Isard, Rogue Squadron allowed her to inform Isard of the location of Rogue Squadron's base of operations at Yag'Dhul. Isard immediately dispatched the Lusankya and the Virulence to destroy the space station. Just as the Lusankya arrived, Rogue Squadron entered hyperspace at the edge of the system, bound for Thyferra.

Lusankya's commander, Captain Joak Drysso, deployed his fighters and prepared to destroy the station. Booster Terrik, in command of the station, trapped the Lusankya using a gravity well projector and the station's heavy-lift tractor beams. He then locked over three hundred proton torpedo targeting systems onto the ship. In reality, the actual launch systems had been mounted on the freighters, but the bluff was enough to give Drysso pause. At that moment, the Virulence wedged itself between the Lusankya and the station, breaking the target locks. Drysso ordered the ship to immediately retreat back to Thyferra, leaving its fighters behind.

Unplanned by either Booster or Wedge, Pash Cracken's Ace Squadron then arrived, completing the illusion that the New Republic had set a trap. The Virulence's captain, Lakwii Varrscha, immediately surrendered. In one stroke, the Rogue forces had deprived the Lusankya of its fighter complement, and Isard of her last remaining Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. The Rogues also proved successful at the Battle of Thyferra, ending the Bacta War.



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