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The Battle of Yrrna was an attack on an Imperial cargo area in the Yrrna system.


After stealing a TIE Defender prototype from the Imperials and, with the help of Rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin, abduct the Chief Scientist of the TIE Defender project. The Nami Crime lord Ali Tarrak, had managed to gain the ability to manufacture and produce her own TIE Defenders. She decided to proliferate the technology against the Empire and arranged a demonstration to the Rebel Alliance by launching TIE Defenders against a cargo area in the Yrrna system.

Maarek Stele the Empire's best pilot was dispatched to investigate the area.

The battleEdit

Stele arrived with his wingman to find the surviving personnel had managed to board a Modular conveyor Ulzepdi and managed to escape the carnage, but were being pursued by Tarrak's forces in an attempt to allow no survivors. Stele engaged the first squad of T-wings from Gotmilc Squadron, but his wingman developed "problems" that were brief. Then 4 Stormtrooper transports Lucthz were the next group of enemies that Stele and his wingman destroyed to defend the conveyor. Lastly, two more squads of T-wings Gotan Squadron and Notow Squadron engaged Stele and his wingman but were both destroyed. The Conveyor reached a safe distance and escaped the area into Hyperspace. The TIE Defenders now finished with the cargo containers turned their attention to Stele and his wingman, who decided it was best to pull out as they were outclassed and outnumbered, encouraged Stele to do the same.


The attack was everything the Empire feared. They now knew of Ali Tarrak's intentions through the crew and personnel on the Ulzepdi. Fortunately Admiral Thrawn had developed a new starfighter, the Missile Boat, to counter this serious threat and informed Emperor Palpatine of its completion. Palpatine promised that Thrawn will be well rewarded if these starfighters proved themselves by eliminating Zaarin. Thrawn wasted no time in putting the Missile Boats to the test.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle appears in the 1994 PC game Star Wars: TIE Fighter as the third mission in the battle New Threats.


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